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"Leader as Healer and Agent of Transformation" with Robert Gass (excerpt)

"Leader as Healer and Agent of Transformation" with Robert Gass (excerpt)

Visionary: Robert Gass

A committed social change agent, Robert Gass has served as consultant/shaman to numerous organizations, including General Motors, Chase Bank, Greenpeace, and, and taught heartful living and personal effectiveness at such centers such as Omega, Esalen, and the U.N. Peace University. Also a  musician, Robert has released over 20 uplifting albums, including the best-selling Om Namah. With host and former IONS president James O'Dea, he shares stories of his own personal and professional challenges and triumphs and the value of meditation and the application of noetic principles to shifting difficult situations from hopeless to life-affirming.

This is an excerpt; listen to the full teleseminar with Robert Gass.

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