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"Waking" with Matthew Sanford (excerpt)

"Waking" with Matthew Sanford (excerpt)

Visionary: Matthew Sanford

Matthew Sanford, a yoga teacher who is also paralyzed, reveals his unique insights on the mind-body dynamic and its relationship to consciousness. Matthew's life work began at age thirteen when he survived a car accident that took the lives of his father and sister and left him paralyzed from the chest down. For the last twenty-seven years, he has been on a practical exploration of the mind-body relationship through yoga and rehabilitation. From this journey, he authored Waking, a book that is at once heartfelt, poetic, and philosophical--a powerful and compelling story of the triumph of consciousness over challenging circumstances. In this compelling interview, he also discusses subtle energy, existential philosophy, trauma, health care reform, true healing, and the relavance of mind-body science to business.

Excerpted from a longer interview, to be available soon.

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