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Great Shift Dialogue: Brian Johnson and Gay Hendricks (excerpt)

Great Shift Dialogue: Brian Johnson and Gay Hendricks (excerpt)

Visionaries: Gay Hendricks and Brian Johnson

In this dialogue, two pioneers of enlightened business look at what it will take to create a great shift on planet earth, concluding that we have to begin with bringing our own lives into full alignment with our ideals. Gay Hendricks explores the power of taking healthy responsibility and speaking honestly while transcending the need to criticize through accessing our full creativity. He shares stories from his therapeutic practice that illustrate how often leaders forget to do the real work at home first. Brian Johnson tells the story of how his own life shifted when, as CEO of, he recognized that he was good at business but that it was not his unique gift. Key ideas in their dialogue include the difference between excellence and genius, going beyond family and societal habits, and the power of simplicity. In the end, they see the largest cultural shifts building from the seemingly small personal shifts in our lives.

Excerpted from a longer dialogue, to be available soon.

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