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"Outside the Gates of Science" with Damien Broderick (excerpt)

"Outside the Gates of Science" with Damien Broderick (excerpt)

Visionary: Damien Broderick

Australian novelist-futurist Damien Broderick and IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin explore why psi research is important and what the evolutionary function of psi might be. Their conversation builds upon the insights of Damien's book, Outside the Gates of Science, beginning with his early passion for paranormal abilities and leading into the actual science, which supports the idea of “micro-powers” rather than super-powers. They agree that there is not much evidence for macroscopic effects of psychokinesis (such as levitating a car), but that evidence for perceptual phenomena such as remote viewing is quite strong. In the end, Damien sees psi not as a strange mystical or spiritual phenomenon but a natural part of the way the brain and body work in the world.

Excerpted from a longer interview, to be available soon.

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