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"Born to Be Good" with Dacher Keltner (sample with discussion questions)

"Born to Be Good" with Dacher Keltner (sample with discussion questions)

The Science of a Meaningful Life

Visionary: Dacher Keltner

Our encore presentation of Dr. Keltner's Living Deeply teleseminar focused on the Big Question for August 2010, “Do our thoughts have the power to heal?" At the end of the recording we provide questions to guide you in discussion and reflection.

In this teleseminar, originally recorded in December 2008, author and professor of psychology Dacher Keltner talks with host Marilyn Schlitz about his research on the biological and evolutionary origins of human goodness, with a special concentration on compassion, love, and beauty. His inspiration was Charles Darwin’s work, not the "survival of the fittest" theories but Darwin’s surprising insights into the nature of human goodness.

Dacher tells us of his research observing activation in the Vagus nerve, which starts in the brainstem and is closely connected to oxytocin receptors, which are associated with altruistic feelings. His team’s research has indicated that kids who have robust Vagus nerve activity are more likely to break up fights on playgrounds. Dacher shares a little about the Berkeley Greater Good Science Center, where he serves as director and co-editor of the center’s magazine, Greater Good, and his book chronicling this research, Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life.

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