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"Recovering the Soul of Healing" with Elliott Dacher (part 2 of 2)

"Recovering the Soul of Healing" with Elliott Dacher (part 2 of 2)

Visionary: Elliott Dacher, MD

Part 1  |  Part 2

Elliott S. Dacher is a pioneer in the emerging medicine of the future. His knowledge and practical approaches to the field of health and healing have evolved from his extensive experience as a practicing internist participating in over 50,000 medical visits and his ongoing independent research and study. He is the author of Whole Healing, Intentional Healing, and Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing.

In this presentation, Dr. Dacher traces the development of Western medicine from the holistic practices of the ancient Greek Aesclepian temples to the biological approaches of modern medicine. He further discusses contemporary efforts to expand modern medicine through holism, wellness, and integrative therapies. Dr. Dacher asserts that in modern times the recovery of the soul of healing is directly related to the expansion of consciousness and access to our inner healing capacities. The recovery of the soul of healing is inseparable from the recovery of our authentic self. Simultaneously, we discover and actualize the profound capacities of human flourishing. This talk was accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation.


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Publication Date:
Jan. 10, 2010
future, healing, medicine
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