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Essential Shifts Interview: Laurie Monroe

Essential Shifts Interview: Laurie Monroe

Visionary: Laurie Monroe

Laurie Monroe carried on the legacy of her father, Robert Monroe, as the President of The Monroe Institute, a pioneer in out-of-body-experiences and consciousness technology. In this interview on the essential shifts of our time, she discusses how the personal work of evolving consciousness is pivotal to solving planetary crises. Until we are able to be the change we seek, we have little chance of creating enduring change. Monroe then discusses how Hemi-Sync technology offers a left-brain approach to spirituality that can reliably lead people to become more centered, peaceful, and accepting, an essential pre-condition for a healthier world. By experiencing shifts into an expanded awareness, we drop limited visions of our potential and are able to relate more peacefully. In her view, the journey to our next level as a species begins by looking inside.

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