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Great Shift Dialogue: Ervin Laszlo and Peter Russell

Great Shift Dialogue: Ervin Laszlo and Peter Russell

Visionaries: Ervin Laszlo, PhD and Peter Russell, MA, DCS, FSP

This dialogue pairs two of the most prolific and insightful big picture visionaries of our day: Ervin Laszlo and Peter Russell. For decades, they have been at the forefront of waking up humanity to the perils ahead and the path to a more conscious global culture. Their discussion covers the acceleration of growth, the crises that follow, and the imperative changes required to move from a materialistic and unsustainable way of life to one in which we respect the limits of growth and learn to live joyfully within them. They also cover the role of the global media, survival drives, and hopeful new signs in an emerging generation.

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