Is there life after death?     Do our thoughts have the power to heal?     Can we see the future?

These are some of the mysteries that spark scientific inquiry at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).


IONS is one of the few nonprofits openly researching the mysteries of consciousness. Like you, our scientists want to know:

  • Does focused intention have an effect on matter?

  • Can intuition be scientifically proven?

  • Is there such a thing as collective consciousness?


Please join us in exploring the mysteries of consciousness by supporting our research.


When you join our community, you will receive a copy of Entangled Minds, the book in which IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin offers a clear-eyed explanation of a theory of quantum entanglement that points to minds connected across space and time.

You will also receive a DVD, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” that features Dr. Radin, as well as a CD of him being interviewed about Entangled Minds.


When you support IONS, you fund the laboratory and field science that continues to reveal more and more evidence for remarkable human experiences like precognition, distant healing, and transformations that inspire lasting human achievements. You support the educational programs that expand awareness of the mind’s potential for extraordinary abilities. You help explain the inexplicable by supporting:

ions at work

  • a unique laboratory setting where IONS has pioneered methods to study and replicate psi experiences
  • scientific presentations in academic settings and published articles in peer-reviewed journals presenting evidence for “anomalous phenomena”
  • print and digital media that showcase frontier research and breakthrough insights by other scientists and thought-leaders
  • a website that offers a unique place where people can openly explore and discuss parapsychology, psychic experience, and other so-called taboo topics
  • community groups that welcome the public to gather and share their stories


B.F. Skinner once said, “The goal of science is the destruction of mystery. But enlightened scientists today include mystery as a basic part of our ongoing discovery of the complexity of what is real. I believe in keeping mystery alive.”

We believe in keeping mystery alive. The mysterious experiences that other sciences might dismiss as coincidence, placebo, or even superstition are the same ones that spark our imagination and compel us to probe the extent of our human potential. IONS has advanced the science of consciousness for 38 years and found evidence to shed light on its mysteries:

  • Data suggesting that intention at a distance can affect physiological changes in another person
  • Studies that show people can see into the future
  • Research methods that allow scientists to replicate laboratory findings for psi abilities
  • An empirically supported educational program on end-of-life cosmologies
  • The world’s largest bibliography of resources on spontaneous remission

75% believe it too! We’ve come a long way since questions of consciousness were relegated to the shadows of ignorance and fanciful thinking. According to a 2005 Gallup survey, for example, 55 percent of Americans believe in the healing powers of the mind, and 75 percent believe in at least one paranormal phenomenon, such as extrasensory perception (ESP). That’s a lot of people touched by IONS’ work.


You can help make it happen with your generous donation.

Join IONS and get Entangled Minds by Dean Radin

As you know, the Institute of Noetic Sciences researches (and reports on) mind-matter interactions, psychic experience, premonitions, and more with the financial help of thousands of members. By joining this community and supporting our work, you’ll receive a free copy of Dean Radin's landmark book, Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality.



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