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Modern Esoteric

The Occult Knowledge Today and Humanity's First Great Awakening

Thursday, Apr 10, 2014 , 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Brad Olsen
EarthRise Center
101 San Antonio Rd
Petaluma CA 94952
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Potluck dinner followed with a presentation by Brad Olsen, the author of Modern Esoteric, where he explores the ways in which fringe subjects and out of the box thinking can help with the challenges humanity is facing today.

About our Speaker

Brad Olsen is an award-winning writer, publisher, and producer based in San Francisco. He will be introducing his new book Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses – where he explores the alternative narrative of life in our planet, reveals how the New World Order keeps the knowledge of humankind’s true nature from the mass population, and looks at the many ways humans are evolving to achieve their full potential.

Things are not always as they appear. For the past century forbidden subjects such as UFOs, human abductions, secret space programs, suppressed free energy devices, and other fantastic notions have tested the human mind, forcing it to decipher fact from fiction. But is there a common thread? As sites like WikiLeaks try to unveil war secrets and covert black operations, governments around the world have begun exposing what they’ve tried for years to keep hidden.

Modern Esoteric offers thought-provoking solutions and stimulates conversation among free thinkers, educators, and scientists, while presenting new perspectives on taboo topics such as free energy, UFOs, information distribution, and the science of consciousness.

Friendly Favors Event

Cost: $20 (or 20 Thankyous) and a dish to share; $40 with no dish
Discount Cost: Applies when you RSVP and choose to give Thankyou's.
Payment Instructions: Make checks payable to IONS

- 6 PM: One hour for socializing and eating dinner
- 7 PM: 30 minutes for welcome, announcements and introductions
- 7:30 PM: One hour for our guest speaker's presentation
- 8:30 PM: 30 minutes for Questions and Answers
- 9 PM: We close the event, allowing time for post-event commingling and cleaning before leaving by 10 PM.

Walk-ins are welcome and RSVPs are much appreciated, so we can notify you of any changes and we can prepare the space accordingly.

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