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The Enneagram: Finding Your Soul's Path

Santa Rosa IONS July Presentation

Thursday, Jul 11, 2013 , 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Community Group: Santa Rosa Community Group

Phillip Willcher, MCHT
The Lomitas Schoolhouse
2421 Lomitas Ave.
Santa Rosa CA 95404
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You'll want to bring paper and pen to not miss capturing what you'll discover about you.

You are invited to join us on a journey into the depths of the Enneagram. Here you can discover more of the meaning of your life, the purpose of others in your life and your world. Through this journey you can learn how to follow a map that will help you make decisions that will help you to become more of who you are (integration) and how to avoid decisions that can lead you to be less of who you are (disintegration).

So many have expressed interest in the Enneagram. What is it? Where did it originate? What are the meanings, truth, and magic that can be found in its depths.

At its core, the Enneagram reveals nine motivating drives. These drives, first experienced as nine distinct survival strategies, develop into nine different points of view, nine coping strategies for dealing with our lives. Everyone has all nine drives, but for each of us, one is most important, most primal. One of the two adjacent drives on the circle is a secondary part of our personal motivations.

These drives are archetypal, powerful, primitive, and wonderful. They are a power, a force of energy that propels and compels us forward through life. From these drives, other personality characteristics arise.

By understanding these drives, we can better know why our various strengths and weaknesses occur. We can then use this knowledge to make more empowered choices. Our drives reveal aspects of both our dark shadow and our bright potential, our lowest and highest sides. By learning about and harnessing these drives with their integrations and disintegrations (the arrows), we can create more success, happiness, and love in our lives and move forward more elegantly on our spiritual path home.

Phillip Willcher, MCHT, is a gifted, certified hypnotherapist, master N.L.P. practitioner, a mentor, and life coach. He is passionate about offering tools for self-empowerment so that people can learn to be more response-able, i.e., make better conscious choices to life situations, instead of being reactive to them, or feeling like a victim.

Over the past forty years, he has been involved in human growth potential, Yoga, Martial Arts, and studying and teaching Tantra, Meditation, NVC (aka Compassionate Communication), and other models of communication.

Phil is president of the International Association Of Professional Conversational Hypnotists.

He has a private practice in Marin County & Sonoma County and is available for corporations, businesses, groups, couples, and singles and can be reached at 415-203-8277 or

$10 attendance fee at the door to cover our overhead costs.
Open to everyone. No one turned away for lack of funds.

(Where can you get this quality of entertainment and education for less?)
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