Twin Value Theory: Three Kinds of Money

Science Buzz Café

Twin Value Theory: Three Kinds of Money

From Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Economist (The ‘other’ Austrian)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 , 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Daniel Osmer
Aqus Café, EarthRise Center at IONS
Aqus Café
189 H Street
Petaluma CA 94952
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Associative Economics Café #18
Daniel Osmer is a student of the Associative Economics school of thought developed from the 1922 lectures to economics students by Rudolf Steiner and, since then, the continuing work of individuals and institutions from around the world. We will use a few PowerPoint images to stimulate a conversation about the nature of exchange, value, price, capital, and the economic process. Unlike stem cell research, modern life is asking us to ignore the ‘experts’ and wakeup economically in order to disenthrall ourselves from the idea that invisible market forces or the state direct the economy.

Economic life is now the shared responsibility of all human beings, not just the province of bankers, financial planners, and experts. We will continue to explore the ideas and practices of finance and economics in the light of Associative Economics as a collaborative and accountable approach to understanding modern economic life. The thinking behind economic and financial ideas and practices affect us all whether we are conscious about it or not. Economics, like science, is about theory and practice, the point being how to have them meet.

With its many and wide-ranging implications for modern economic life, associative economics places human beings at the centre of all economic processes. Our capacity to be both free and responsible means we can make conscious what is otherwise left to the unconscious working of market forces and that we can therefore regulate our own behavior and thus obviate the state's role.

Daniel is host and one of the founders of an informal science education series called Science Buzz Café. He also acts as a marketing and sales consultant to small enterprises and initiatives and is currently assembling a financial literacy workbook for teens.

Info: Daniel Osmer

Cost: $6 at the door

Event Schedule
Come early for food and refreshments 6:00 PM
Program begins 7:00 PM

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