Open Conference Call with Steve Villano & Katia Petersen


Open Conference Call with Steve Villano & Katia Petersen

Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 , 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Steve Villano, JD, Katia Petersen, PhD
This is a LIVE phone call.

As part of IONS 40th Anniversary Celebration we invite you to participate in free monthly conference calls with IONS CEO/President Steve Villano and guests.

This month's call will be with Katia Petersen, PhD, IONS Executive Director of Education. Katia and Steve will discuss IONS exciting Worldview Explorations course, which has been developed for secondary schools, colleges, community groups, healthcare settings, and life long learners, and encourages us to explore life’s journey through the lens of curiosity. Individually and collectively we become aware that we have a worldview, which has developed through our culture, upbringing, religion, education, and life experiences, and that everyone else has a worldview of their own. We explore questions such as "How do worldviews shape our experiences?" and "What skills will help us understand other people’s worldviews with more compassion?" The Worldview Explorations course is designed to: help us shift our perspectives, investigate a diversity of worldviews, develop tools to engage with others, re-ignite our sense of awe, and learn new ways to be of service in the world.

There is no charge, but you must register in advance to get your dial-in phone number and PIN. Click here to register.

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