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Harnassing Subtle Energies: Building The Vortex of Change

SANDIONS August Meeting

Sunday, Aug 12, 2012 , 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Community Group: San Diego Community Group

Beth Green

3955 Atascadero Drive
San Diego CA 92107
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Join the SANDIONS community group for their August meeting with Beth Green.

Beth Green is campaigning to build what she calls the “Collective Vortex of Change.” This she explains is: “The gathering of energy to support transformations beyond our capacity to achieve alone. This vortex is growing and sweeping away much of the resistance that has blocked us from becoming who we are destined to become.” Beth is calling upon us to build the collective vortex of change, and she has some great ideas on how to do it. According to Beth, “Many of us have been trying to understand and heal ourselves through spiritual and psychological processes, as well as through changing diet and exercise patterns. These efforts have helped a lot, but there is more to do. One is to unite our efforts and intentions, and the other is to take advantage of the spiritual energies available to help. In short, we need to synergize spiritual teaching, emotional healing, the new energies available on the planet, and the unification of our intention. This is the work of the Campaign to Build the Collective Vortex of Change.”

Beth Green has over 30 years’ experience as a spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor and author. She is featured in The New Science and Spirituality Reader, recently co-edited by Nobel Prize Nominee Prof. Ervin Laszlo. Beth is also the author of 5 books, the most recent of which is Living with Reality: Who We Are, What We Could Be, How We Get There. Beth is more than an inspiring speaker and author. For many years she has developed processes for both individual and collective transformation. She also has the capacity to access the spiritual energies that she considers to be a vital aspect of the vortex of change. She brings her wisdom, humor, excitement, and the capacity to create vortex experiences wherever she appears. To see Beth in action, go to to watch a couple of brief videos.

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