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Changing the Paradigm: Your Sensitivity is Your Greatest Strength (and it CAN Change the World!)

Santa Rosa IONS August Presentation

Thursday, Aug 9, 2012 , 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Community Group: Santa Rosa Community Group

Colleen O’Rourke
Steele Lane Community Center (DeMeo Room)
415 Steele Ln
Santa Rosa CA 95403
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Members of IONs are joined by more than just their passion for exploring and advancing consciousness; there is the shared trait of being Highly Sensitive People. This evening we explore what High Sensitivity is, and more importantly, what it is not. While this culture often identifies sensitivity as a weakness, it is truly a source of tremendous strength and  contains gifts of awesome power and beauty. We will explore the traits that make you a gifted artist, creative leader, or highly intuitive contributor to the world. Together we will step into: Active seeing and listening - The power of touch - Metaphorical use of senses - The gift of being seen -Tapping into the wisdom field and, consequently, our own intuition. You will also learn tools and techniques for navigating effectively in this insensitive world and how to ground yourself in the knowing that while you are in a minority, you are not alone. Awaken to the strengths that are innately present in you because of your sensitivity. You’ll leave the evening with a sense of optimism, empowerment, and unabashed pride in your sensitivity!   

Colleen O’Rourke is a certified Life and Leadership Coach. She is Highly Sensitive and understands the deep cultural bias against sensitivity and the devastation it causes to those possessing this gift. She has learned to cast off the “rules of domestication” that keep sensitivity relegated as woo woo, weird, or weak, and she’s embraced the power of her senses. Colleen is on a mission to educate and empower Highly Sensitive People to thrive at work, in life, and as leaders in the world. “We’re suffering the consequences of selfish, short- sighted, greed-based authority structures, and Highly Sensitive People offer leadership based in collaboration, wisdom and respect that serves a holistic purpose. We can use our optimistic idealism to restore the balance, harmony, and peace that the world needs.

$10 attendance fee at the door to cover our overhead costs.
No cost for Charter Members. Charter Membership: only $75 annually.
Open to everyone.

(Where can you get this quality of entertainment and education for less?)
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