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West Virginia Noetic Sciences

July Meeting

Saturday, Jul 21, 2012 , 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Community Group: Charleston WV_IONS "I Have No Idea" Community Group

South Charleston Public Library
312 4th Ave.
South Charleston WV 25303
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We are continuing the DVD and discussion series: "Perception." Learning to keep a higher level of awareness in our daily life, being conscious, and living in the moment are gains to be enhanced with better perception. The better we understand our life the better we learn how our life goes with or does not go with others around us. With conscious perception we respond more effectively to situations that arise in our daily life.


IONS COMMUNITY GROUP OF WEST VIRGINIA invites you to join us as we learn and grow. Being informed is our best defense in challenging times.

Bring a bag lunch and stay or drop in when you can. Snacks, coffee, and tea continue to be available. (Our thanks to Joan!)

For more information:
Contact: Bob & Joan Hunter
Phone: 304-437-1544

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