Pellowah Healing Technique


Pellowah Healing Technique

Enlightenment Modality that Shifts Consciousness Originating from Australia

Monday, Jul 16, 2012, 9:30 AM –
Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012, 5:00 PM (All times are local to the event.)

Linda Benn
EarthRise at IONS
101 San Antonio Rd
Petaluma CA 94952
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Pellowah is a radical shift in consciousness, and as a result of Pellowah, you will find it easier to

  • increase your personal capacity for positive change
  • take charge of your life
  • create the life you want with unlimited imagination
  • generate a new & expanded perspective
  • gain a new lightness & sense of well-being that keeps increasing over time 

The purpose of this healing is to empower you, increasing your personal capacity for positive change to achieve your highest potential. Pellowah helps you to make better choices and have more control in your life. It is 100% pure, as it is not filtered through the practitioner. It is direct energy between the person receiving the healing and spirit.  There is no interpretation or diagnosis from the practitioner – it is simple, yet powerful.

Pellowah is an angelic word for "a radical shift in consciousness." This form of healing connects and activates all 12 strands of DNA to unblock and realign meridians within the body – producing a feeling of connection and wellbeing.

Pellowah Healing is the cutting edge of all healing modalities. It is the purest form of healing available to us at this time from the highest level of spirit that we can access.

Linda Benn is a highly intuitive practitioner, certified trainer, and presenter. Her wisdom and teachings bring forth a strong foundation for healing skills, intuitive wisdom, self-empowerment, creativity, clarity, and the igniting of one’s uniqueness, purpose, and unlimited potential.

Linda has a background in Intuitive massage and energy bodywork and has found the Pellowah energy has increased her own intuition and psychic abilities to tune into the client and to listen to the client’s body, communicating with her to use the best technique at that time. Linda is an outstanding teacher and healer and has developed a unique approach and advanced techniques to enhance and hasten the healing process.

Linda is well known for her enthusiasm and passion for life, empowering, encouraging, and inspiring others to change their lives by being aware of their thoughts, focusing on the positive so they attract more positive into their lives, and creating the life they choose.

Practitioner 2 day Workshop

Level One - Your own awareness will be greatly expanded & become a practitioner of this amazing form of healing. Monday, 16 July 2012, 9.30am-5pm

Level TwoConnects you with your higher self & learn the 7 symbols for your continued growth. Tuesday, 17 July 2012, 9.30am-5pm

Your investment for this enlightening workshop includes a manual, certificates, and options to be included as a practitioner.

For more information, contact:
Linda Benn 415-290-3793

Linda is available for private healing sessions or distance healing by appointment.

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