Guiding the Journey


Guiding the Journey

Facilitating Transformative Experiences

Monday, May 7, 2012, 9:30 AM –
Friday, May 11, 2012, 4:00 PM (All times are local to the event.)

Selene Vega, PhD
EarthRise at IONS
101 San Antonio Rd
Petaluma CA 94952
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Awakening self-awareness and opening to new perspectives creates profound potential for transformation. Unblocking the unconscious conditioning that has limited us, we can move creatively into our full potential. For therapists and teachers, the art of creating a context in which this can occur is essential. Using the tools of trance, movement, and ritual, and a structured framework for creating sacred space, you will learn to work deeply with students and clients in a contained and safe way. A balance between inner work and interactive experience provides opportunities to deepen your own process while you practice using these tools for yourself and others. Explore your inner terrain, touching neglected parts of yourself, as you deepen your understanding and ability to guide others into their inner experience.

  • Learn to work with group energy, balancing attention to individuals and to the group experience
  • Develop your ability to guide group and individual movement journeys and rituals for healing, growth, and celebration
  • Gain understanding of the ethical considerations involved in teaching and leading workshops, and in working with non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • Learn to assist students and clients in creating a bridge between their experiences in a workshop or therapeutic setting and everyday life

Price: $550
CEUs: 30

Note: You can register for this workshop alone. It is also part of the Sacred Centers Immersion Retreat. For a full course listing of the retreat, go here.

Email or call 415-637-0406

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