Horses, Somatics and Spirit


Horses, Somatics and Spirit

Equine Assisted Learning

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011 , 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Beverley Kane, MD
This is a live telephone call
The time is US Pacific Time

What can horses teach us about our own physicality and spirituality? What does it mean to be “healthy as a horse”? As evidenced in the growing field of equine-assisted learning and psychotherapy, horses are consummate teachers of mindfulness, somatics and somato-spiritual consciousness. They differ from dogs and cats and other predators in their responses to our body language and energy. Using Jung’s theories of psychological types and archetypes, Dr. Kane discusses the “somarchetypes” we project onto horses and how we can use those projections and connections for spiritual practice, physical fitness, and health and healing. We explore the physical and metaphysical nature of the horse in relation to consciousness and to our psycho-somatic relationship to our bodies.

Audio downloads of all teleseminars are available in the Library on this site a couple of days following the event. Live participation is a benefit of supporting membership and registration links are provided through email.

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