The Liberative Model of Adult Development


The Liberative Model of Adult Development

Thursday, Mar 24, 2011 , 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Rick Levenson , PhD
Kathleen Erickson-Freeman
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Rick Levenson offers a new model of adult development, the liberative, defined by an increasing freedom from biological and social determinism.  The liberative approach can complement reductionist approaches in psychology by introducing a more mindful psychology, one guided by an overarching development perspective that features conscious development as an explanation for behavioral change.  Rick addresses adult development and aging from a psychological, not a biological, point of view.  Areas to be addressed include the kinds of psychological and behavioral changes that can be construed as development. 

Learn how self-knowledge, non-attachment, integration and transcendence can lead to “Gero-transcendance”.  Many perspectives define aging in terms of biological decline; however, developing higher consciousness is a task of the second half of life that can lead to a more conscious way of being in the world. Contemplative practice is a key to this way of being. 

Rick’s key message for us all is to see how conscious aging can be defined as increasing amounts of inner freedom.

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