The Worldview Explorations™ Project Student Reflections

The Worldview Explorations™ Project Student Reflections

Photo by MichaelCardus

“Consciousness is all it takes for one to transform and transcend above the obstacles we face in life and to really see deeper into the beauty of life that surrounds us wherever we go - that is only if we are mindful of it and if we dare to open up our eyes.” – 11th grade student, Oakland, CA

“At the beginning of the semester, we talked about making the class a community where every individual has the space to contribute and speak out what is ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ for them while everyone else listens. I tried to imagine what that place would be like but I just couldn’t see anything. Now I have seen it and I think that it is the most beautiful thing ever.” – 11th grade student, Oakland, CA

“What I have learned throughout this course is opening my views more than I used to… I’ve learned to open my mind to things I have never thought about…To ask questions is a beautiful thing because it is by asking that you can expand  your knowledge of learning." – 12th grade student, Oakland, CA

“I learned to think about things in a whole new way. It gave me a whole new perspective on life. It made it seem as if we are all the same but we all have different ideas. And if we come together we can combine our beliefs in ways that allow us to learn and to find ways to be peaceful.” –  10th grade student, Oakland, CA

“Each time an idea is expressed by someone, we are given the chance to develop our own thoughts with a new perspective offered by those who surround us… We begin to guide each other to a new world that we can all live in proudly.” –  11th grade student, Oakland, CA

“Throughout this course I discovered many things I never thought about. For example, there was one question that kept on coming up which was 'What is the purpose of the human being?' I had never thought about this question before. I assumed that humans just were born for the sake of it. As I think about it, I believe nobody really has the answer. There are countless answers, but mostly I believe that we as humans have a purpose to live. I believe that everybody was born into this world to teach people and to share their gifts. Everybody is unique and special in every way, which in the end keeps us always learn something new that we didn’t know before.” – 10th grade student, Oakland, CA

“I felt free to be able to talk in this class and say what I needed to say. This class helped me a lot. It helped me see things I didn’t even know existed…See, Learn Live.” – 10th grade student, Oakland, CA

“Each day, over time, I learned how one single individual can be significant for the whole world…This class was about finding ‘me,’ my true beliefs and how they can impact surroundings.” – 11th grade student, Oakland, CA

“I don’t think it’s hard to notice that our world has serious issues. It’s hard to deny the facts, and yet we do. When hunger, poverty, climate, and violence, to name a few, are clear problems, how is it that many remain with their arms crossed? I want to know why we can’t see each other, and how we can learn to recognize how much we need to find ways to know ourselves and each other.” – 12th grade student, Oakland, CA

What is a stereotype?
Can we hold multiple worldviews?
How can you tell a fact from an opinion?