Conscious Aging Resources

Conscious Aging Resources

Hear from participants in the Conscious Aging program.

Tele Summit: Why Consciousness Matters in the 3rd Phase of Life

with Kathleen Erickson Forder, author of the Conscious Aging Facilitators Guide and Workbook

Recorded on Mar 4, 2015

From a consciousness perspective, we cannot choose the circumstances we will face in our aging. What we can control, however, are the qualities of consciousness we bring to bear on those circumstances, and then to develop those qualities into a strong foundation of practice. Bringing our best, most conscious selves forward is essential to meeting both the challenges and opportunities of aging. In this session, we will explore these ideas and offer insights learned from the 300 facilitators now conducting IONS Conscious Aging workshops around the globe.

This interview is part of the Transforming Aging Summit a free online event featuring information and insights to help make your later years your best years. For more information, please visit the Transforming Aging Summit website This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved. You can download your audio here.

Article: Conscious Aging and Worldview Transformation

by Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD, Cassandra Vieten, PhD, and Kathleen Erickson-Freeman

For nearly two decades, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers has conducted qualitative and quantitative studies on positive worldview transformation. This included a comparative study of 60 teachers from different transformative traditions as well as longitudinal studies of the psychological and social impact of transformative practices. From this work, a model of worldview transformation was formulated that identifies consciousness-based practices that can promote personal and social well-being. In this paper we apply the model of worldview transformation to conscious aging. We explore the ways that conscious inquiry can inform people’s experiences of aging, their models of what happens when they die, and an understanding of the way these beliefs impact how they live. A curriculum is outlined that was designed out of the worldview transformation model to help expand awareness of conscious aging, promote individual and social well-being, and facilitate a supportive atmosphere for exploration and mutual discovery.

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Article: A Curriculum for Conscious Aging

by Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD, Cassandra Vieten, PhD, and Kathleen Erickson-Freeman

For decades, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has conducted research, created educational programs, and engaged the consciousness community in conversations on transformations in consciousness. In 1997, a multidisciplinary team of researchers initiated a series of studies on the process of worldview transformation. The goal has been to under­stand the process by which people experience fundamental shifts in perception that alter how they view and interact with themselves and the world around them. In particular, our team investigated factors that facilitate the kind of worldview transformations that result in people’s increased sense of purpose, meaning, and prosocial behavior. Through this research, we identified a naturalistic model of worldview transformation. We published our findings at length in the book Living Deeply.

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Teleseminar: Conscious Aging Teleseminar Series

From February through May, 2011, IONS featured a series of monthly teleseminars with thought leaders who offer a new vision for aging. This series includes the latest research on how our brains age and change over time, psychological and emotional tools for mastering this stage in our lives, and spiritual insights into the aging process. These interviews are hosted by Kathleen Erickson-Freeman, Elder Education and Planned Giving Program Manager — Institute of Noetic Sciences.
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