Guest Guidelines

Guest Tips & Guidelines

Welcome to EarthRise Center at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Please take a few moments to acquaint yourself with these guidelines.

Click here to download a PDF version of these guidelines.

Packing List

► Swimsuit for the hot tub
► Flashlight or headlamp for walking at night
► Layered clothing—the temperature drops quickly in the evenings
► Rain gear is recommended from October to May
► Sunscreen, sunglasses
► Water bottle—we have filtered water dispensers throughout the campus
► Hot beverage travel cup for coffee/tea
► Toiletries and medications
► Earplugs
► Map/driving directions to EarthRise Center
Perfumes & Scents: Due to many guests' allergies and sensitivities to scents, please leave your perfumes, scented body oils and incense at home.

Arrival On Campus

There will be signs indicating check-in locations and parking.


At the beginning of your stay, your group will receive a welcome orientation by our staff to relay important information about the site. This will include an outline of emergency procedures and waivers for each individual.


► Check-in time is 4PM and check-out time is 9AM, unless otherwise arranged and noted. On the last day, you are welcome to leave your luggage in the dormitory hallway until the conclusion of your retreat.
► We have single and double occupancy rooms, with one or two beds in eight different buildings located closely together. Each dormitory has hallway bathrooms that are shared between all overnight guests in that dormitory.
► We provide all bedding, linens and towels.
► We also provide Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel by EO®, a family owned and operated, Certified Organic Manufacturer of personal care products using the highest grade natural and certified organic ingredients.


The campus lies on 194 acres of hilly terrain. There is a road and walking trail between the dormitories and the community building where meals are served. The road is lit at night for safe passage. It is a 5-10 minute walk to and from the dormitories and community building.

Hot Tub

Swim suits are required. No alcohol or glass is allowed in the hot tub area. The hot tub is accessible for people with mobility challenges via a lift. The deck around the hot tub is a lovely location for individual yoga practice.

Computer Access

WiFi is available to all of our guests and is password protected. There is also a desktop computer and printer in the community building from which you may check your email and print your boarding pass.

Cellular Telephone Coverage

All cellular telephone carriers receive coverage on campus. We ask that you turn your ring setting to vibrate or silent while on campus to not disturb other guests.


There is a telephone in Chalet #2 across from the communal kitchen for making local phone and emergency calls only. For making a long distance call you will need to use your phone/credit card or call collect at the pay phone in the community building. There is an office phone at reception for emergencies only. If you must receive calls at the office, we will take a message and deliver it to your group leader. The emergency phone number is 707-364-2554.

Lost & Found

All lost & found articles will be held for 30 days, after which they will be distributed in a charitable manner. If you feel you have left something behind, please call: 707.779.8224.

Bookstore & Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is open over lunch Monday to Thursday and Sunday, and for lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday. We carry a variety of personal items, books, sweets, and gifts. Wine is also available for purchase in our gift shop.

Quiet Hours

Quite hours are 10:00PM to 8:00AM. Please be considerate of other retreat participants at all times. Some groups may be on silent meditation retreats.

Communal Kitchen

The small, fully equipped kitchen in Chalet #2 is for all retreat participants. If you bring your own food, mark it with your name or the name of the group. If you bring medication that needs to be refrigerated, please make sure that it is clearly marked. EarthRise is not responsible for missing food, beverages or medication.

Pet Policy

No pets are allowed on campus. Certified companion animals and guide dogs are permitted with advance review and clearance (you must provide papers for your certified companion animal).


After loading or unloading, please move your vehicle to your group’s designated parking area as quickly as possible. Parking in the cul-de-sac area by the dormitories or on the grass is not permitted. Parking on the roads or in the fire lanes is not permitted.

Special Needs

► If you have mobility needs, please let your group coordinator know so they can arrange with us for suitable lodging.
► If you have special dietary needs, please communicate your requirements to your group coordinator who will then provide the information to us. We are able to work with most types of food allergies, but if we are not able to provide all of what you need we will provide refrigerator space for your food.


► Using a bounty of sumptuous, mostly organic, locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables and sustainably raised fish and fowl, our kitchen team creates imaginative, eclectic menus that nourish the body, soothe the soul, and warm the heart. Lunches are vegetarian and dinners include fish or poultry as well as a vegetarian option.
► Our meals are served buffet style. We are not a restaurant and therefore we do not take individual orders.
► Complimentary tea and coffee are available in the community building from 7:00AM – 7:00PM daily. Coffee and tea supplies are also available in the communal kitchen in Chalet #2 and can be made by guests anytime.


We aim to be a smoke-free campus. However, there are two designated smoking areas, one on each side of the campus (in front of the West Room on the west campus and in the handicapped parking area on the east side of campus). Please use the smoking bins provided and do not litter butts.


► We do not allow the use of candles inside or outside our buildings unless they are in a proper votive holder that can be purchased at the bookstore.
► Outdoor campfires are not allowed in fire season. If you want to have an outdoor fire in the rainy season, it must be arranged with the Events Manager in advance. We are governed by very strict laws due to the high fire danger and the remoteness of this area.
► Fireworks and firearms, under any circumstances, are not permitted.


► Trails—

  • Trail maps are available in the community building.
  • Please stay on the trails.
  • Do not approach or feed wildlife.
  • Check yourself for deer ticks after walking on the trails or in grassy areas. If you get bitten, save the tick and you may want to have it analyzed for Lyme disease. Tick kits are located in the community kitchen in Chalet #2.

► Be aware of poison oak. Leaves of three, let it be!
► Be aware of snakes. We have never seen a poisonous Western Rattler snake on the property, but they do exist in this area.

Facilities and Grounds

► Please do not take retreat center furniture, fixtures, bedding or linens out of the rooms.
► If any retreat center property is missing or damaged, the person(s) or group will be responsible for paying for the damage. The site manager will determine the cost based on materials and labor to repair or replace the item or items.
► Please turn off heaters/air conditioning and lights when you are not in your room.
► While we have never had a problem with theft from rooms, please be mindful of your personal property while on campus.
► The speed limit on the property is 10 mph. Please be mindful of animals and humans when you are driving your car on the roads.


In case of a life threatening emergency: Call 911

⇒ The address is 101 San Antonio Rd., Petaluma, CA, 94952

THEN call our resident caretaker at 707/364-2554 and report that you have already called 911, and the location and nature of the emergency.

First Aid

We have an emergency medical kit, for minor injuries, in the communal kitchen in Chalet #2 and in the main kitchen in the dining hall. Tick kits can be found in or next to the first aid kits.

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