2012:  Waves of Consciousness Beyond Perception

Community Group Event

2012: Waves of Consciousness Beyond Perception

3rd Northeast IONS Gathering

Friday, Oct 19, 2012, 5:00 PM –
Sunday, Oct 21, 2012, 1:00 PM (All times are local to the event.)

Community Group: Utica Community Group

Rev. Karl K. Kolsbun, M. Div, Zelda Hotaling
PEACEVILLAGE Learning & Retreat Center
54 O Hara Road
Haines Falls NY 12436
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The weekend will include:

  • Meditation and Tslagi practice
  • BREAK-OUT SESSIONS - Sharing your interests! Any participant may initiate.
  • Experiencing the beautiful Catskills
  • Sacred Sound Healing Ceremony
  • Workshops
  • Evenings for drumming, films, and conversations that matter

Special Guest Presenters:

Rev. Karl K. Kolsbun, M. Div - Karl, a gifted metaphysician and psychic medium, has been actively doing readings and offering perceptive guidance for over twenty five years. He is a channel for teachers on the spiritual plane, certified by The Tibetan Foundation, Inc. Karl has demonstrated the ability to channel the messages of the Hierarchy under the guidance of the ascended Master Djwhal Khul. Karl’s psychic gifts include clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and psychometry. He is an intuitive counselor who offers the highest form of guidance for insight to any pressing questions. You ask the questions, Karl provides the answers from spirit. He is often asked about personal relationships, family situations, love, work, contacting loved ones in spirit, and detecting and releasing unwanted energies, if present. Karl lectures on topics to expand people’s awareness of the many facets of the unknown. After a lifetime of spiritual discipline and training with spiritual masters and guides, Karl often channels the Arcturians and other master teachers. While working in partnership with the Arcturian Council and Masters of Light, Karl received instructions for manifesting the Galactic Healing Lens. This is a higher dimension, transformational healing device affective in working with people, animals, and plants. For more information you can reach Karl at (518) 377-4916 or, Arc-Tools, LLC,

“Astral Travel & Developing Your Psychic Abilities” - We have moved into a time of great uncertainty. What steps may be helpful for navigating our mysterious future?  Our universe is changing, Mother Earth is fluctuating, and we are vacillating. Do you realize we are being prompted by our guides, the Masters, Ets, and our higher selves to seek a passage we have never taken? Our bodies are changing for the wonderful journey ahead. Discover the astral world and venture beyond time and space. This presentation will provide you with insights from the higher realms and assist you in moving forward on the pathways of the future.

“Mystery School Lessons: Expanded Awareness, Meditation, and Astral Travel” (A Hands-on Workshop with Karl) - This workshop will help you prepare for the predicted changes you may already be experiencing. Planetary transformations are happening now. Are you ready for these shifts in energy? We will be working with our master guides, angels, and master teachers. You will be taught how to meet your guides, astral travel, learn about using the Merkabah Vehicle, and view your Akashic records. The workshop will include discussion, techniques, and meditations to help you prepare for living in the higher frequencies.

Zelda Hotaling - As a Native American woman raised in the traditions of the Mohawk people Haudenosaunee, Zelda received teaching from the Elders. A teacher, healer, storyteller, and drum maker, she leads Earth Art Workshops in schools, camps, nursing homes, daycare centers, and at Earth Celebrations. Her life dreams are to share her ancient knowledge and to recycle the fibers of the earth.  Zelda will have drums, rattles, bark baskets, dream catchers, feather fans, smudging supplies, and one-of-a-kind items available for purchase. Zelda can be reached at (518) 732-7440 or,

“Sacred Sound Healing Ceremony” - Holding creator in our hearts and the four sacred beings, we will journey. Using singing and drumming we will bring our bodies into resonance with mother earth and create sacred space for healing. Zelda will be playing crystal singing bowls to create powerful healing vibrations to help enhance the energies. Together we will demonstrate the power of intent. We will co-create a powerful prayer offering, celebrate the richness of life, mother earth, and universal energies. Bring a rattle or drum and a small symbolic offering (i.e., a stick, feather, flower, cloth, etc.) for the fire.

"The Sacred Hoop: Making a DreamCatcher" (Optional 2.5 Hour Workshop – Sunday, After the Gathering, with Zelda) - Believing that the air is filled with good and bad dreams, Native Americans would protect the innocent and their children from bad dreams, by placing a DreamCatcher above the bed. The good dreams would slip through the center hole, while the bad dreams would get caught in the web. In this workshop you will create your own personal DreamCatcher. Your finished medicine piece will be about 8” round. Additional cost includes materials: $40.00/until Sept. 19th and $50.00 after Sept 19th.

REGISTRATION (Early-Bird: Sept. 19, 2012)
Before Sept. 19 - $225 for 2 nights, all meals, materials, and full program.
After Sept. 19 - $250

Send registration form (DOWNLOAD BELOW) and check payable to:
Jack Pendrak
15 Paris Rd Apt 1
New Hartford NY 13413
(315) 733-5425
On memo line:  "NE IONS gathering"

Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation, registration fees will be refunded (less a $50 per person processing fee) if written notice is received by October 9, 2012. Cancellations after October 9, 2011 and “No Shows” are non-refundable.

[Peace Village is owned and run by full time volunteers of the Brahma Kumaris organization, which is committed to spiritual growth and the personal transformation of humanity.]

For more information:
Jack Pendrak, Registration Coordinator or (315) 733-5425

LINKS: - 3rd Annual Northeast Ions Gathering - Peace Village

Download a PDF of the Details and Registration Form
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