Embody Your Healing NOW

Conscious Living Workshop

Embody Your Healing NOW

A collaborative project of EarthRise and Wisdom Healing Foundation

Saturday, Jan 29, 2011, 10:00 AM –
Sunday, Jan 30, 2011, 5:00 PM (All times are local to the event.)

Qigong Master Mingtong Gu
The Chi Center
Institute of Noetic Sciences
101 San Antonio Rd
Petaluma CA 94952
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Realize your vision of healing within you and in the community: a collaborative project of EarthRise and Wisdom Healing Foundation to raise funds for a healing dome at IONS

Qigong Weekend Workshop:  January 29 & 30Whether you are new to Qigong or wish to tune-up your practice, you will benefit from the expertise of Mingtong Gu’s instruction. Qigong is a 5,000 year old healing art that originated in China. Through posture, movement, breath, and mental concentration, Qigong offers a methodology to discover chi, a vital resource within us--and to magnify the exchange between ourselves and nature.  (Weekend Workshop: Saturday 9am-5pm and dinner at 6pm; Sunday 9am-5pm; freshly prepared meals included.)

Take charge of your health and discover a powerful “inner medicine”! The practice you will be learning—Wisdom HealingTM Qigong--integrates many forms of traditional Qigong with Eastern and Western medicine. It is a concentrated and powerful system engaging all levels of physical, mental, emotional, and soulful healing. By tapping into this ancient healing technology, you will develop powerful tools for self-healing.  Benefits may include:

  • Strengthen your endocrine and immune system
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Achieve a deeper sense of well-being, emotional stability and balance
  • Become empowered to attract positive changes into your life
  • Enhance other mind-body-spiritual practices you may be following
  • Deepen your connection to universal healing energy

Also Don't Miss - FREE Healing Spiral: 7-9 pm Friday, January 28. Mingtong Gu will conduct a traditional Chi Healing Spiral--an experiential community event for the benefit of all. This Event is open to the public. Please contact and let us know how many people will be attending. More details HERE.

"Mingtong is full of vitality, wisdom and skill. He is a real healer, and the practices he teaches can change your life.” —Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and the author of several bestselling books.

"Master Mingtong Gu and Wisdom Healing Qigong are the partners I have been searching for during my 40 years as a western physician. My personal experience with this powerful mind-body practice has confirmed its amazing (in some cases, miraculous) ability to heal emotional distress and physical illness, from life-threatening to life-altering." —Jerome Weiss, MD, director

“As millions of people in China have already discovered, Qigong essentially reverses the aging process, while reducing stress, preventing illness, curing disease, and enhancing the overall quality of life." —Master Mingtong Gu

Workshop Registration Fees:

  • Workshop with offsite lodging.  $295 per person includes workshop and 3 freshly prepared meals ~ Saturday lunch & dinner, Sunday lunch. 
  • Workshop with Friday Nite onsite lodging.  $379 per person shared room, $399 single, includes 4 meals ~ Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday lunch.
  • Workshop with Saturday Nite onsite lodging.  $379 per person shared room, $399 single, includes 4 meals ~ Saturday lunch & dinner, Sunday breakfast & lunch.
  • Workshop with Friday & Saturday Nites onsite lodging.  $475 per person, $495 single, includes 6 meals ~ Friday dinner thru Sunday lunch.


FRIDAY (Optional FREE Healing Spiral)

5 - 5:45 pm - Check-in for onsite lodging (Bookstore/Giftshop)
6 pm - Dinner (onsite lodging guests only)
7 - 9 pm - Community Healing Spiral (West Room)

SATURDAY Workshop 10am-5pm and Dinner 6pm

8 am - Breakfast (onsite lodging guests only)
12:30 pm - Lunch (all workshop participants)
6 pm - Dinner (all workshop participants)

SUNDAY Workshop 9am-5pm

8 am - Breakfast (onsite lodging guests only)
12:30 pm - Lunch (all workshop participants)
5pm - Departure

Download a PDF of the workshop announcement
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