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Friendly Favors

Talking Story

One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions

Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Marie-Rose Phan-Lê


EarthRise Transformative Learning Center
101 San Antonio Road
Petaluma, California 94952
United States

Potluck dinner followed with a presentation by an award-wining documentary filmmaker and author, who traveled the world to document endangered healing traditions and spiritual practices in her book and film, Talking Story. Marie-Rose will show a short clip from her film, read from her book, and then invite you to talk story with her about the relevance of ancient wisdom in modern times.
Sponsored by: Friendly Favors and Institute of Noetic Sciences

About our Subject
What do ancient healing practices, spiritual traditions, and indigenous cultural values have to do with modern life? The answer is, “everything.” From the football field to the boardroom, from improving intimacy in personal relationships to community building, from healing cancer to schizophrenia, there is not only a place for this knowledge, but a growing necessity for it in our harried, fragmented, and stressful lives. Each time we lose a healer, a medicinal plant, or a healing protocol, we are reducing our collective pharmacopeia—our medicine cabinet—and in turn limiting the choices we have for improving our health and wellbeing. After embarking on a heroine's journey to explore some of the richest spiritual traditions in the world--witnessing different forms of shamanism, spirit-channeling, plant medicine, and divination--Marie-Rose realized that her job in returning to the village with the elixir, is to share with others the gifts and transmissions she received from the healers and spiritual teachers she met.

About the Presenter(s): 

Marie-Rose Phan-Lê (pron. fawn-lay) has 25+ years’ experience in film/TV production. She has traveled extensively for various media projects and for the mere pleasure of exploration. Marie-Rose transitioned her flourishing healing practice, working one-to-one with individuals, to focusing on the one-to-many through her media projects and consulting work. Currently the Chief Operating Officer and Creative Director at High Impact Inc., she applies ancient wisdom to the modern challenges of running a successful business. Marie-Rose was born in Vietnam, emigrated to France, and later to the United States. She currently lives in Hawaii and works in Denver.

Event Cost: 

Suggested donation of $20 and a dish to share if you are joining our 6-7pm potluck. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Event Schedule

- 6 PM: One hour for socializing and eating dinner
- 7 PM: 30 minutes for welcome, announcements and introductions
- 7:30 PM: One hour for our guest speaker's presentation
- 8:30 PM: 30 minutes for Questions and Answers
- 9 PM: We close the event, allowing time for post-event commingling and cleaning before leaving by 10 PM.