The Song of Your Soul

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Danielle Gibbons

The Song of Your Soul

Live weekend workshop with Mother Mary as channeled by Danielle Gibbons

Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 10:00am to Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 4:00pm
Danielle Gibbons


EarthRise Transformative Learning Center
101 San Antonio Road
Petaluma, California 94952
United States

Being disconnected from ourselves is a painful way to live. Sometimes it can feel as though we're stumbling around in the dark and guessing what to do next rather than feeling the direction our soul desires us to take. Each one of us is on a spiritual journey of reunification with ourselves as divine human beings. Our souls are that embodiment of divinity. On our weekend together, Mother Mary will create a heightened awareness of your soul so you can learn the song it is singing for you. The song is not what we normally perceive as music but a song of ancient movement that is solely your own. It is the unique vibration of your soul that is carried from lifetime to lifetime.

To experience the song of your soul reverberating inside gives you the clarity of Self as a whole, eternal being that has everything present inside for a life filled with love and light. When you’re more deeply connected to your soul, clarity becomes easier and making choices a privilege rather than a burden.

Come closer to your soul, hear your soul song, and discover the unity you long for. Allow Mother’s unconditional love and grace to open the way. We can’t wait to sing with you.

Sat. 10AM-5PM, Sun. 10AM-4PM

About the Presenter(s): 

Danielle Gibbons is known as an engaging and inspiring speaker. She brings her devotion and humor to her many public appearances, helping people feel at ease and welcome in preparation of receiving Mother Mary’s presence and blessing. Danielle has served Mother Mary since 1994. Her own very human struggle with the obsession of addiction and emergence back into the joy of living makes her ideal in this service. Her willingness to honestly share her experiences both past and present, gives people hope that no matter where they find themselves in their lives, they can benefit from Mother Mary’s teachings.

Mother Mary has served humanity for thousands of years. As Divine Mother, Her grace, wisdom, and loving guidance encourages millions to love themselves as She does, unconditionally.

Together, they inspire individuals to awaken and expand their consciousness through best selling courses, life changing retreats, on-line events, and their first book together, "Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love: Building A Loving Relationship With Yourself That Will Transform Your Life."

Event Cost: 


A $125 nonrefundable deposit will hold your place.

The cost will include workshop tuition, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and an MP3 audio recording of the workshop.