The Myth of Male Power and the Gender Equality Movement

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The Myth of Male Power and the Gender Equality Movement

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Cassie Jaye, Warren Farrell


EarthRise Transformative Learning Center
101 San Antonio Road
Petaluma, California 94952
United States

Cassie Jaye is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has been exploring the men’s rights movement. She will be joined by pioneering gender-equality-advocate and activist Warren Farrell, author of the classic “Myth of Male Power” and co-author of the upcoming “The Boy Crisis”.

Cassie will speak about her personal journey during the making of the documentary: how approaching male rights activists with an open mind and heart has changed her perspectives, attitudes, and consciousness about gender equality.

Warren Farrell will add insights in an interactive discussion on how each gender can best solve issues unique to their own sex in a spirit of empathy and active listening rather than by breaking into two warring camps.

Event Schedule:
- 6 PM: One hour for socializing and eating dinner
- 7 PM: 30 minutes for welcome, announcements and introductions
- 7:30 PM: One hour for our guest speaker's presentation
- 8:30 PM: 30 minutes for Questions and Answers
- 9 PM: We close the event, allowing time for post-event commingling and cleaning before leaving by 10 PM.

About the Presenter(s): 

Cassie Jaye was born in 1986 in Oklahoma. Starting in 2004 she acted in numerous independent films and in 2008 she decided to go behind the camera to direct and produce documentaries, founding Jaye Bird Productions -

Her first feature film, "Daddy I Do", focused on women's issues such as reproductive rights, single motherhood, and sexual assault. "Daddy I Do" premiered in 2010, won numerous awards at film festivals around the world, including Best Documentary at the Cannes Independent Film Festival in France, and became an educational tool to promote Comprehensive Sexual Education in schools.

In 2012 Jaye premiered her second feature documentary, "The Right to Love: An American Family", about the controversial Prop 8 and the LGBT community's fight for marriage equality through the eyes of a gay couple and their two adopted children. "The Right to Love" won four Telly Awards and had its Oscar-qualifying theatrical run.

Jaye has been celebrated for her attention to nuance and balance when directing films about politically controversial topics. Her latest documentary, The Red Pill (2016), has caused controversy before it has been released, with venue cancellations and petitions to ban the film in Melbourne, Berlin and Ottawa -

Warren Farrell (born in 1943) is an American educator, activist and author of several books on men's and women's issues that are now published in over 50 countries in 15 languages.

Dr. Farrell’s criterion for writing a book is that he has something to contribute that is currently absent from the public consciousness. This led the Financial Times to choose Dr. Farrell as one of the world’s top 100 Thought Leaders. For example…

His 'Why Men Are the Way They Are' shows how both sexes fall in love with the members of the other sex who are the least capable of loving them—and what can be done about it. The New York Post called 'Why Men Are The Way They Are," "the most important book ever written about love, sex, and intimacy.”

'Father and Child Reunion' explains why children of divorce do better in more than 20 areas when four conditions prevail—including the dad and mom being equally involved.

"In Why Men Earn More,' Dr. Farrell documents why there is not a gender pay gap between men and women, but between moms and dads. He shows how that pay gap gets reverses when the mother and father reverse roles, thus freeing both sexes from traditional roles.

"In Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say," Dr. Farrell lays the foundation for both sexes being able to hear personal criticism without becoming defensive.

Although Dr. Farrell is generally considered "the father of the men's movement," he began his career when he was elected three times to the Board of NOW in NYC. Today he says, “We don’t need a women’s movement blaming men, nor a men’s movement blaming women, but a gender liberation movement freeing both sexes from the rigid roles of the past for more flexible roles in our future.”

Dr. Farrell’s has appeared on more than 1000 TV and radio shows, and been interviewed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, Larry King, the late Peter Jennings, and Charlie Rose. He has been featured repeatedly in The Wall Street Journal and in The New York Times. And he has started over 600 men’s and women’s groups.

Dr. Farrell is currently co-authoring with John Gray The Boy Crisis. He has two daughters, lives with his wife, Liz, in Mill Valley, and lives virtually at

Event Cost: 

$20 suggested donation for IONS and a dish to share if you can join or 6 to 7 pm potluck.