Inclusivity in the Age of Isolation

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Inclusivity in the Age of Isolation

When our Divisions are So Blatant, the Best Response is Practicing Inclusivity

Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Shariff Abdullah, J.D.


EarthRise Transformative Learning Center
101 San Antonio Road
Petaluma, California 94952
United States

Our Need for Inclusivity

We all have a common need to be connected to others for our own well-being. However, our differences and viewpoints get in the way. It's only by being aware of and practicing Inclusivity that we can overcome our current situation, satisfy our common need, and chart the path to our visionary, inclusive future.

What is Inclusivity? “Inclusivity” isn’t “inclusion” or “inclusiveness”. Inclusivity is a very specific term with a very precise meaning: Inclusivity is the notion that an “I” is inextricably linked to a “YOU”. We are ONE. Virtually everyone knows about Inclusivity. The majority of people claim it as a primary value. But few actually PRACTICE it. Let’s learn how to change that!

About the Presenter(s): 

Shariff Abdullah, J.D., is a consultant, speaker, author and advocate for societal transformation. His mission is to bring currently dysfunctional systems and structures into alignment with our common human and spiritual values, to create a world that works for all living things. Shariff consults with people and organizations on the leading edge of change, including government agencies, businesses and social service organizations.

As Director of Commonway Institute, he has visited over 40 countries and over 100 distinct cultures, giving him a unique perspective on our global human and spiritual issues, and a vision which spans culture and class. He has proven experience in working with all peoples and in many different situations, bringing harmony in conditions of actual or potential conflict and discord.

His books on leadership and societal change include the award-winning Creating a World That Works for All, the transformative workbook, Practicing Inclusivity, and his latest, an epic novel about our immediate future, The Chronicles of the Upheavals - See all of Shariff’s writings at: a-new- world/

Event Schedule
- 6 PM: One hour for socializing and eating dinner
- 7 PM: 30 minutes for welcome, announcements and introductions
- 7:30 PM: One hour for our guest speaker's presentation
- 8:30 PM: 30 minutes for Questions and Answers
- 9 PM: We close the event, allowing time for post-event commingling and cleaning before leaving by 10 PM.

Event Cost: 

$20 suggested donation payable to IONS and a dish to share (if you can join our 6 to 7 pm potluck).