An Enneagram Inner Work Retreat

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The Chestnut Group

An Enneagram Inner Work Retreat

Working with the Instincts and Subtypes for Maximum Growth

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 9:00am to Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 5:00pm
Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes


EarthRise Transformative Learning Center
101 San Antonio Road
Petaluma, California 94952
United States

The Enneagram of Personality is a powerful tool for achieving positive change in your life. This Enneagram-based retreat will provide the information and support that will enable you to develop the awareness and felt sense necessary to notice and shift your automatic, reactive habits and gain inner freedom.

Wisdom tradition tells us that it is in becoming aware of our animal nature and using the capacity for conscious reflection (we as humans uniquely have) that we develop the ability to routinely impose an inner witness in order to tame or release our instinctual reactions more consciously and observe our “passions” in action. This kind of inner work gives us the power to intervene to intercept automatic behavior (stimulated by the interaction of the dominant instinct and the lower emotional center) and transcend to a higher level of consciousness.

This retreat offers an in-depth intensive experience of the various component parts of the Enneagram model of personality—the passions and fixations connected to personality “type,” the six instinctual sequences (the six possible ways in which our instinctual drives can be “ordered”) and the twenty-seven subtype personalities. Through both group and individual work, video clips, music, and the latest teachings on the instincts and subtypes, we will learn how to leverage the Enneagram map to break out of self-limiting habits and reach our higher potential. Within the context of a rich group setting, we will support each other in understanding the ways in which our dominant, secondary, and repressed instincts drive our behavior. We will also gain insight into how our instincts combine with our passions and our type patterns to structure our experience.

The exploration of the ways our personalities act out our instinctual biases will culminate in participants identifying their specific growth challenges, working with them in real-time, and developing a sound plan for continuing inner work beyond the retreat.

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Beatrice Chestnut, PhD MA is a licensed psychotherapist, executive coach, and business consultant based in San Francisco. She has a PhD in communication studies and an MA in clinical psychology. A student of the Enneagram system of personality since 1990, she is author of the books, The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge and The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st-Century Workplace. Currently employed as adjunct faculty at Sonoma State University’s MA in Organization Development program, she has taught at Northwestern University and the California Institute of Integral Studies and was trained in group facilitation at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business beginning in 2000. She served as President of the International Enneagram Association from 2006-2007 and teaches workshops on the Enneagram internationally, focusing on using it as a tool for leadership development and personal healing and transformation.

Uranio Paes, MM is internationally recognized as a leading Enneagram facilitator, coach, and organization development consultant. He holds an MBA from Brazil’s top business school and has worked in corporate settings for over two decades and now specializes in doing transformational work with groups and individuals based in the Enneagram model of personality. As Founder and CEO of UP9 Desenvolvimento Humano, he has done organizational consulting, training, and executive coaching using the Enneagram for over 15,000 professionals of over 40 leading organizations in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico (2003 to 2016).

A former President of the International Enneagram Association, Uranio leads the Enneagram
Worldwide Narrative Tradition Professional Training
 (EPTP) Program in Brazil, Spain, and Portugal. He speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English fluently, and is founder and CEO of Mundo Eneagrama, a global Enneagram learning community that offers a large variety of high-quality Enneagram content online as well as live workshops offered internationally by him and his team of Enneagram faculty around the world.

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Single room = $2125, Double room = $1775, Commuter = $1375