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Chalet 1 of 2

Photo ©2009 Steve Uzzell. All Rights Reserved.

EarthRise at IONS accommodates 100+ overnight guests in eight buildings. All housing accommodations are situated near to one another, and are located next to the West RoomOur housing is modest and simple. Single and shared rooms are available; most rooms have two twin beds, some have one full/queen bed. The bathrooms in each building are located in the hallway and shared with other guests. Bedding, linens and towels are provided.

In the lodging area is a common outdoor deck area with tables and chairs. An equipped kitchen in one of the buildings (Chalet 2) is accessible to all guests for tea and coffee and includes a full-size refrigerator for guest use.


Double Bed

Double Bed 2

Two Beds


Room photos ©2010 Claudia Holt. All Rights Reserved.