Debra Jonsson

Debra Jonsson

Director, EarthRise Transformative Learning Center


Debra Jonsson, M.A. has had a dynamic executive career spanning both academic and corporate environments, with valuable cross-functional expertise in business development, and training and development. Debra’s leadership includes airline, hospitality management, education startups, higher education administration, and business consulting.

With keen business acumen, and a proven track record as both market strategist and team builder, Debra has guided colleges, universities, tutoring companies, educational franchises, hotels, and start-up airlines to peak performance and market leadership.

Market expansion, brand awareness, operational effectiveness, and increased visibility have been cornerstones of her success. Her online and classroom program development will aid in the awareness of EarthRise as a preeminent transformational learning and retreat center nationwide.

With over 25 years of executive leadership, Debra brings a holistic approach to growing partnerships, strengthening infrastructure, initiating creative work cultures that operate between organizations, and establishing joint accountability for senior leadership. Bridging business goals with the soul’s desire for meaningful work, Debra creates cultures where everyone strives to achieve more and thrives.

Debra’s previous work includes positions as CEO, COO, and Director in New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, Washington, D.C., Vienna, VA, Phoenix, AZ, Honolulu, HI and Northern California. She has taught over 52 courses in undergraduate business online for three colleges and universities, acted as facilitator for Partners in Leadership in Accountability training, and was a founding member of Apollo Group’s Corporate University. She successfully started an online campus for University of the Potomac, and managed admissions, financial aid, student services, academic affairs, and student retention for over 17 years.

Debra brings her wealth of business experience and love of psychology to IONS. She graduated with a B.S. in Sociology from Illinois State University, earned a Master’s in Organizational Development at University of Phoenix, and completed a 12-credit Ph.D. certification in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Deb is a transformational life coach, yoga instructor, and enjoys nature, her family, her dogs, and the beautiful campus at EarthRise.