Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“This is an awesome facility – the energetics are balanced and so supportive of the work we embraced. The food is exquisite and personnel supportive and very service oriented. Thank you/Mahalo.”
– Rick McDonald

“The Retreat Center is beautiful. The staff were so friendly and accommodating to our needs We all especially enjoyed & appreciated the loving care that went into creating delicious feasts for each meal. They were all individuals communicating from the hearts.”
– Deborah S. Barnes-Allan 

“Every person that works here is fun, friendly, caring and provides great SERVICE. Thank You!”
– Ruth Olin

“I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed spending time at your property. It’s gorgeous; the food is probably the best I’ve ever had at an event of this kind, and everyone I met, from the cooks to the shepherd, was wonderful. I’ll be keeping my eye open for more events there!”
– Pam Gilkison (A Network for Grateful Living retreat with David Steindl-Rast)

“Our Mystery School weekend was great. Everyone was thrilled with their rooms and the food was wonderful. Staff were most helpful – it was as close to flawless as we've ever been! Thanks so much for all you did to set the energy in motion for our success!”
– Julia Dekker, General Manager, Jean Houston Seminars

“Earthrise was a wonderful facility for our 50 person company offsite. Gorgeous location, delicious food, and a nostalgic summer camp feel. Exactly the type of out-of-office environment we needed for brainstorming and bonding.”
– -Nick Edwards, CEO & Co-Founder of Boomtrain

“The food was amazing! Loved the variety (red & black rice!) as well as the sauces (organic lemon aioli :-) ) You take such good care of our nourishment. Thank you!”
– Anonymous

“Dessert was beautiful & joyful.”
– Dr. Judy Turne (Rejuvenate Training)

“The food and kind service was fantastic! I really appreciate the considerate attention paid to my last-minute need for dairy free.”
– Christina Gillen, Meditation Specialist

“What amazing food. Delicious, healthy and clearly made with love. Thank you!”
– Anonymous

“The food is terrific!”
– Robin Burgert, San Francisco Center for Meditation and Psychotherapy (Being and Becoming Retreat)

“Excellent setting. Fabulous, juicy food. Thank you. Namaste.”
– Marina Dawn Songster (Sonnee Weedn Women’s Retreat)

“The food was fabulous and the intention to make it work for everyone was awesome. It was healthy, delicious and aesthetically beautifully served. Trecey was a wonderful head chef. Can I take her home?”
– Tomasa Maeapinlar (Rejuvenate Training)

“Food was fabulous!!! Everyone was SO accommodating! Thank you!”
– Marilyn DeLucca (Rejuventate Training)

“Thank you for such a great event last night at IONS. One of the best nights I spent in a long time!!! Excellent food, good company, wines to live for, food for thought, heartful hosting, deep art!!! I don't know any of my senses which was not tickled! With appreciation! ”
– Dr. Daniel Deslauriers (Dinner Salon)