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We are fortunate to have a semi-permanent collection of beautiful photography by Claudia Holt on display in our Community Building. The photographs were taken on the EarthRise Campus and represent the ever-changing seasons, skies, trees and animals with which share our land.

Claudia Holt

As I walk in nature, photography gives me a way to capture moments where the subtle and dynamic play of light and color invoke a feeling, a mood, or a question that takes me into deeper worlds. In this contemplative state, hidden realms reveal themselves, inviting me to interact with my camera. These photos represent the daily walks I took during the three years I lived at EarthRise at IONS. They offer a glimpse into an expansive space beyond our own boundaries, but a place that we can all call home.

Past Exhibits

The Crater Project:
Your Presence Makes My Heart Grow Stronger

Works by Elizabeth Addison
August 11 — October 29, 2013

Artist's Statement:

I have always been fascinated by cataclysmic natural events, and a terrestrial meteorite impact is terrifying in its potential destructiveness. We have a hint of that with the meteorite explosion over Russia’s Ural Mountains in February and there has been a recent cluster of astronomical events that has further raised our awareness. However, meteorite impacts are also a source of awe and transformation and, most likely, life on this planet.

Likewise, The Crater Project came to life in a flash—literally and figuratively. It sprang from a dream experience about an impact crater that invoked a stunning liminal environment where destruction and creation, absence and presence overlap. 

The Crater Project – a series of monoprints, paintings, sculptures, and multi-media works – examines this life-changing dream and my journey to its actual counterpart in a real-life impact crater. Within The Crater Project, I explore the nexus of art and science and, specifically, how my creative process illuminates science and vice versa. This germinal artistic investigation includes extensive research about terrestrial impact craters as a correlate to my fascination with evidence of the unseen.

I am a visual artist, but I am also a seeker. I am constantly investigating my world and interpreting it for myself. The impact crater dream propelled me into an examination of the scientific and metaphorical possibilities. Coinciding with the death of my father, the Crater also led me on a personal journey—resulting in humbling realizations, scientific explorations, fresh creative visions, and... to its real-life counterpart in the Arizona dessert, the Barringer Crater.

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A Journey Toward Cucuteni Consciousness

Painting and Graphic Works by Christopher Castle
June 21 — August 9, 2013

Left: Cucuteni Fields | Right: Valeni Geomancy

Artist's Statement:

We have lost track of the sense of creative genius embedded in nature. An exploration of the consciousness of our most distant ancestors in the Neolithic worlds of ancient Europe uncovers sophisticated science integrated with a pure sensibility to the rhythms and pulse of the natural world that today we are rediscovering through Gaia principles.

All over the world, archaeology has discovered female figurines expressive of an awareness of the cycles of life and the subtle energies of nature. Long-time researcher and artist Christopher Castle shows the range of his work based on his journey into this ancient and mysterious feminine world spirit. Traveling from his native land in Britain through European cultures including those of Malta, Crete, Poland, Ireland, the U.S Southwest, and most recently the 7,000-year old Cucuteni culture of Romania, this exhibit includes paintings drawings and prints developed from his visual investigation of the Neolithic mind.

Christopher Castle is a British-born visual artist and composer. He exhibits widely in the U.S. and Europe. His work is represented in numerous public collections such as the British Museum, London; the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; the Scottish and Welsh National Museums, Edinburgh and Cardiff; as well as private collections worldwide. Castle’s painting and printmaking focus on the human relationship to place and nature. In Britain, Europe, and the U.S., he has explored the geomancy at ancient sites and the meaning of archaeological artifacts. The locally distinct, yet universal cosmology embedded in the patterns of art, architecture, and land forms inspire his work.

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Circle, Circle, Circle

Brushwork by Kazuaki Tanahashi
April 9 — June 19, 2013

“I discovered that he has often thought, agonized, planned, designed, dreamed, and thereby informed his hands for the moment when, once begun, the single brushstroke is inevitably also ended...” – Hyman R. Shevelev, The Photographic Journal

Kazuaki Tanahashi: Circle, Circle (B)

A Conversation with Kaz:

Kaz Tanahashi is a master of paradox, and his show Circle, Circle, Circle may cause us to ponder the concepts and experience of presence/absence, form/emptiness, simple/complex, and joy.

“The circle belongs to everyone. When I was in my twenties I used to ask myself the question—can one or two lines be a painting? It’s paradoxical, showing presence by absence. Absence is my teacher,” Kaz smiles. Unique to Kaz’s work is bringing color to the Zen circle. Read the full conversation

Artist's Statement:

As a calligrapher of East Asian style and a painter, I feel that the presence of the artist should be expressed on each line one draws. Each line is drawn uniquely, spontaneously, organically, and decisively. No correction or touch-up is done. One’s artistic, meditative, and life experience should be evident in each line to all viewers. One needs to render each stroke with total concentration and relaxation. More than a daunting task, drawing a line is fun.

Drawing one circle is an expression of the fire, water, and earth of the artist. So I title some of my circles “Sun Within,” “Rainbow Within,” or “Forest Within.” Just like each breath is a miracle, each line is a miracle. That’s why I title most of my circles “Miracles of Each Moment.” Miracles for you!

Kazuaki Tanahashi, born in Japan in 1933 and active in the United States since 1977, is an artist, writer, and peace worker. As a painter and calligrapher, Kaz has had solo exhibitions of his brushwork worldwide. He has created a genre of one-stroke paintings and multi-color Zen circles. As a calligrapher in East Asian style, he is unique in the use of color on canvas. His numerous publications, translated into many languages, include Brush Mind, Penetrating Laughter: Hakuin’s Zen, Treasury of the True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen’s Shobo Genzo, and Lotus. Kaz is founder of A World Without Armies and a fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.

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Realms: In the Garden of Gaia

by Dana Lynne Andersen
An exploration in art and vision
January 12 — April 4, 2013

Dana Lynne Andersen: Atomic Ziggurat

Beneath the shimmering form lie the manifold worlds... atomic, electronic, cellular, and pranic. Through diaphanous tissues of matter the living Spirit surges, in viens of flesh and form the electricity of God dances.

Dana Lynne Andersen is a multi-media artist, playwright, and teacher, with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies from JFKU. She is the founder of the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness (Assisi, Italy), where she has pioneered the use 
of Art and Creativity as vehicles for transforming consciousness. She has taught and exhibited on three continents. Described as a “Vesuvius of Creativity,” she is recognized as a visionary for the consciousness community. Her epic, cosmological, and evolutionary artistic works are charged with a numinous sense of penetrating intelligence.

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Works on Paper by Carol Duchamp
An aesthetic exploration of color, space, and fluidity
November 1 — December 21, 2012

Carol Duchamp: Sweet Surprise

Artist's Statement:

You, the viewer, are invited to travel through these paintings as though on a pilgrimage or journey into the unknown. Take the time to see, rather than simply look or glance. You may discover ever-changing qualities in the color, form, and emotional impact, not unlike the creative dialogue I experience as I paint.

These paintings are to be contemplated; viewed again and again. It is possible that your mood or state of mind will be reflected back to you. It is possible that you will notice a beautiful passage or configuration you had not seen before. Return to these paintings as one would to an intimate.

Astounded by the dance of paint moving over the surface of the paper and the nature of the mediums, I respond—completely caught up in the present moment. My process is one of exploration. I welcome the marriage between chance and intention that occurs with the inherent spontaneity of painting wet-into-wet on pre-soaked paper.

There is alchemy here, and a great deal of trust in the multi-dimensions of reality that includes the invisible, for example. We are touched by the visible, the world we see around us every day. And we are often more touched by the expressive quality of art that leads us to recognize that which is not always visible.

Additional Paintings by Carol Duchamp:

Carol Duchamp: Looking Glass


Carol Duchamp: Coral Sea

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Latitude 38° North: Western California

Photographs by Claudia Holt & Cathleen Evangelista
July 13 — October 29, 2012
Opening Reception: July 22, 2012
Closing Reception: October 28, 2012

C. Holt: Deer at Labyrinth; C. Evangelista: Unfolding

Artists' Statements:

In this premier photography exhibit, we wish to inspire and delight you with a sense of wonder in nature. This show is the first in a series intended to ignite a celebration of visual expression along the northern hemisphere’s 38th parallel around the globe.

Claudia Holt
As I walk in nature, photography gives me a way to capture moments where the subtle and dynamic play of light and color invoke a feeling, a mood, or a question that takes me into deeper worlds. In this contemplative state, hidden realms reveal themselves, inviting me to interact with my camera. These photos represent the daily walks I took during the three years I lived at EarthRise at IONS. They offer a glimpse into an expansive space beyond our own boundaries, but a place that we can all call home.

Cathleen Evangelista
My path into photography began 12 years ago when I was suddenly inspired to mirror the beauty of my surroundings. I am drawn to the qualities of color, light, form, pattern and detail, often in the abstract form, which often reveal a delicate interpretation. When I find myself captivated by a subject I try to look at it from multiple perspectives to hear its voice. It is my hope that this voice will also resonate a deeper appreciation for you.

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