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Cultivating Knowledge and Wisdom

EarthRise hosts thousands of mind-body-spirit explorers who come to study with internationally acclaimed educators, scientists, philosophers, health practitioners, life and business coaches, artists, and spiritual masters.

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Meditative Beauty and Cosmic Order

When I went to the Moon…the presence of divinity became almost palpable and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes. The knowledge came to me directly—noetically. It was knowledge gained through subjective awareness.
– Edgar Mitchell

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Connect with Spirit

Create your own sacred rhythm by sitting in silence, walking our labyrinth, or communing with nature.

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Communion with Nature

The sacred energy of the land, once inhabited by the Miwok Indians, can be felt as you gaze out over rolling hills and soaring vistas, observe foraging deer, listen to the mating songs of wild turkeys, or meditate in one of the fragrant, natural cathedrals canopied by ancient coast live oaks, buckeye, and bay trees.

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Throwing the Leaves of Your Life
Mateo Magee
Thu, Jul 16 2015, 5 pm to Sun, Jul 19 2015, 12 pm

This weekend intensive is an invitation to dive into the heart of the divinatory process.  Participants will be exposed to several ancient divination practices from Peru, including coca leaf divination and shell divination.

The Hero's Journey
Dr. Lisa Hartnett, D.C.
Sat, Jul 18 2015, 10 am to Sun, Jul 19 2015, 6 pm

We will journey together through our painful and unhealed places into the light of understanding, wisdom and healing. You will awaken your hero within through being intimate with yourself allowing your emotional body to regain its fluidity and your mental and physical bodies to reset and find a new homeostasis.

Toolbox Training
Charles Fisher, PhD; ​Mark Collin, MA, MFT
Mon, Aug 3 2015, 8 am to Mon, Aug 3 2015, 4 pm

TOOLBOX™ is a K-6 curriculum that supports children in understanding and managing their own emotional, social, and academic success. Children learn 12 simple yet powerful Tools. With practice these Tools become valuable personal skills: self-awareness, self-management, and relationship-building; these, in turn, foster responsible decision-making.

Weekly Wisdom Healing Qigong Classes
Nancy Malloy
Wed, Aug 26 2015, 1 pm to Wed, Aug 26 2015, 2 pm

Every Wednesday, 1:00–2:30 PM, experience the profound benefits of this ancient wellness practice. The gentle energy movements are easy to learn and can be done by anyone. Open to everyone.

The Structure and Organization of the Human Energy Field
Cristo L. Bowers
Fri, Sep 11 2015, 6 pm to Sun, Sep 13 2015, 1 pm

The purpose and focus of this seminar is to reveal new, relevant facts pertaining to the human energy field and its superphysical structures and organization.

iRest Yoga Nidra Level 2 Training
Richard Miller, PhD
Sun, Sep 27 2015, 4 pm to Thu, Oct 1 2015, 3 pm

iRest Level II training is designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the principles underlying the theory, practice, and delivery of iRest Yoga Nidra.

Worldview Explorations Facilitator Training
Thu, Jan 14 2016, 4 pm to Sun, Jan 17 2016, 1 pm

The Worldview Explorations program helps us examine our perspectives: where they come from and how they affect our thoughts and actions. Facilitators utilize strategies to empower youth to develop increased self-awareness, cognitive flexibility, and sense of social responsibility that prepares them to navigate and thrive in a global society.

About IONS

About IONSThe Institute of Noetic Sciences was founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Learn more about our history and our work.

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    Jean Houston has held retreats at EarthRise for many years. In this 3 minute video she shares why she is passionate about EarthRise and IONS.

From our guests...
  • There are no words to describe how amazing this past weekend was...Everything was splendid, and the energy and enthusiasm with which you all made our event so spectacular was VERY apparent.

    There is a Hebrew word "Dayenu," often said at Passover, which translates loosely to "It would have been enough." My mother said this to me over the weekend, and I think it rings true. "Had EarthRise offered only it's amazing natural beauty, Dayenu!" Our wedding would have been fantastic with only the gorgeous setting of the EarthRise property.... but you all made it so much more.

    —All our best, Jonah & Julia

    This is an awesome facility – the energetics are balanced and so supportive of the work we embraced. The food is exquisite and personnel supportive and very service oriented. Thank you/Mahalo.

    —Rick McDonald

    The Retreat Center is beautiful. The staff were so friendly and accommodating to our needs We all especially enjoyed & appreciated the loving care that went into creating delicious feasts for each meal. They were all individuals communicating from the hearts.

    —Deborah S. Barnes-Allan

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