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commented on Jan. 14, 2011
by Luke Andrews



Hello everyone,
So I've recently been looking into Noetic Science, and I am very curious about it.
I'm thinking about doing a couple experiments on it.

Any lab ideas?

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    Luke Andrews Jan 14, 2011

    The double slit is ok, I too am working on couple of wet lab project that hopefully will generate preliminary data for an article or funding. If you have any ideas i would just post them and see what suggestions and comments you get. I hope to post some of my own result within the next 10-12 months.

    Also, crystalization while interesting to observe... Has mechanics that can easily be used to discount formational and structural differences. I agree that it does support and indicate a metaphysical presence, however in order to gain any data that will be consider viable.

    Lastly, I know I am new here and I not trying to be a know it all or bash anything or anyone. I am just here to offer my 2 cents, if you do not like what I have to say ok. I am finishing my Ph. D. in Metaphysics, but i complete believe that advancements in this field will be made by everyday people and not people with fancy titles or degrees.

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    zipzapboink Jan 07, 2011

    That double slit experiment caused me to lose my marbles! I just discovered IONS while googling ions and I'm fascinated! The only problem now is that everything I thought I knew went out the window... or shall I say through the slit? I feel so little... :o)

  • Leo Ruickbie Jan 06, 2011

    @frequencytuner - your suggested experiment reminds me of a divination technique popular in Germany. On New Year's Eve, thinking on one's future, one melts a piece of lead over a flame and pours it into water. The shadow cast by the shape taken by the lead is interpreted as an omen of the coming year. You could adapt this to Dr Emoto's method and trying imprinting a thought on the lead as it cools in the water.

  • frequencytuner Jan 03, 2011

    By lab I assume you mean lab coat, beakers, test tubes and microscopes. I don't suggest trying to analyze sub atomic particles or photons. The simplest experiment can be copied following Dr. Masaru Emoto. Simply a drop of water onto a petri dish. Do a few drops and label each dish with a 'blessing' or thought associated with each one. Send your thought energy patterns into the water and freeze it. Once frozen analyze the water under a microscope. Observe the unique crystals.

  • Larry Davis Jan 01, 2011

    video I have done this experiment it works well for new studenst
    copy and paste into browser ok?

  • Larry Davis Jan 01, 2011

    http://noetic.org/research/project/double-slit-experiment/ see dean RADIN

  • Larry Davis Jan 01, 2011


  • Larry Davis Jan 01, 2011

    sure I will find it for you ok and post link here ok

  • Mackenzie148 Jan 01, 2011

    Sorry - could you just briefly explain that, Larry Davis?

  • Larry Davis Jan 01, 2011

    double slit experiment is good one

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