If thoughts are forms of energy, do they transform?

Posted Dec. 31, 2010 by Abhijith in Open

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commented on Feb. 9, 2011
by gmireya



What I mean is that, if thoughts are forms of energy then (not considering the law of conservation), when people pray, deep from their heart in a temple or a church or a mosque or any other place, does the thought (energy) change its form or influence the matter present at that place? For example, in a Hindu temple there will be idols of "gods." When millions of people visit this idol and pray, will the idol have some sort of interaction with the thoughts/ minds of the believers? I am having a rough idea of the mind-matter research of Dean Radin. Can somebody help in clearing this boggling question?

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    gmireya Feb 09, 2011

    In raja yoga meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual university (www.bkwsu.org), when the consciousness shift from the body to the soul, a thought created under that state of consciousness is so powerful that, it is unbelievable to see the results. Of course that also depends on the law of karma and the spiritual endeavour of the thinker. Experience for yourself by doing that meditation ...

  • acorn Feb 05, 2011

    I believe that thoughts are things and they affect matter, etc....so if a congregation prays to a sacred idol it imparts something to that matter. I've read that some people drink a glass of water after imbuing it with, say, happiness. (There is an author who wrote about changes in water crystals. Who was that, again?)

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    Merlinus Jan 31, 2011

    Ok so I am new to all this but I take a much more mechanical approach to thought and how it affects the world around us. If you considered our thoughts to be a system of patterns not unlike a binary code found in computer programs. If these patterns could be reinforced by multiple people with similar thoughts or by heighten emotions then they may be imprinted or transferred on objects or other people. In a religious setting multiple people being directed to pray could program a pattern that is imprinted on an idol or place. I have always wondered if maybe during times of stress (like death) a person may leave a recording of an event in the mass and or objects nearby. Those patterns may become stimulated by some energy force causing the event to reappear. This would explain events such as ghosts or feelings one may get from a place, object or even person. The level of the patterns of thoughts being transferred and stored can be complicated by a multitude of variables such as medium and over lapping patterns left by the thoughts of others. If a pattern is undisturbed and complex enough it may even have some level of intelligence. Consider also that our own minds/thoughts can be programmed or reprogrammed by these patterns. I have a lot more thoughts on the matter but this being my first post I will leave it here.

  • Sibylle Hajostek Jan 20, 2011

    Well, just check the findings of Mr Massaru Emoto who ist the author of a book titled "Message from Water". There you'll find the proof that mind changes matter. Basically he researched water crystals changing after bespeaking them with positive, lively words versus evil ones and you see fotos of the crystals. I had tears in my eyes. It reminds of the old, forgotten tradition of blessing.

    You can also make a personal test, if you are interested what energy can do: watch out for a situation where people are stressed/angry/nervous - somehow ou of balance, focus your bright energy on the person concerned, basically just send to her light and love in a modest, loving, caring way... You'll feel when it has arrived. Then conclude it by closing down your focus - you'll obsserve within minutes that the person begins to relax, her face brightens up, vibs are becoming lighter. This is what I call energy materializing.
    One step to a better world.
    Chers, SIbylle

  • reikinurse Jan 18, 2011

    Maybe thoughts are like light energy: no mass. And maybe an icon in a church or temple is a material representation (mass) of light energy (no mass). So there might be transformation, but it is energetic. Not material.

  • Abhijith Jan 16, 2011


  • Abhijith Jan 16, 2011

    Yes, But I've read a book " the power in temples" , am trying to digitize it an will post soon, it describes about krillian photography and the presence of aura in the idols of temples. This has made me post this question. If such an influence is possible then will it be foolish to ignore that , a person's thoughts too can have an influence on others.What i think is that, it depends on individual aura intensities, but i don't think its a scientifically approved or "diagnosed" claim. Ok let's be precise, Is there exists anything like Aura or more precisely a divine stone sculpture?

  • nitsgoa Jan 16, 2011

    I understand these esoteric stuffs scientifically. Though its corollary is of spiritual nature. I wish that you comment on these interpretations.

    If one thinks deeply enough, every possible object (particle matter) and feelings (emotions and desires) may be interpreted as a wave which interact with each other constructively or destructively (each particle's lowest entity being a wave). Now our prayers (thoughts) which is a wave seeks another wave (which again may be a particle or a desire). The fact that these wave interact with each other constructively or destructively depends on the frequency and wavelength (faith) of the thought wave (prayer). The energy of the individual waves interacting is always conserved. Just some rearrangement is required (Universal-rearranges itself in order to fulfill one's desires). So whether its an idol,or some invisible power....it doesnt matter to whom one prayers (generate thought wave). What matters most is the right faith for the right interference.

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    yusheng Jan 15, 2011

    mind is energy,but its movements have structures, if you have thousands of keys and one locked door,that doesnot mean you can use one of your key to open the door; however, coincidently, one of the keys may be the correct one. so what we should do is to understand the pattern of this energy instead of collecting the keys.
    you may know the principle of the radio, then you may know the transform is not so easy to occure.

  • drquantum Jan 14, 2011

    Let's take this a bit further. Given you can better sense how it is we ourselves who are the one's who keep choosing how we are seeing so called objective reality, via the thought forms we keep on inventing. Then of course how we choose to see reality influences not only what we are going to see, but how we are going to manifest ourselves forth in relation to our thoughts. Even more than this, we know that when we use our thoughts to help us create any kinds of forward seeing, forward moving, fulfillment oriented intention. Such as through prayer or other forms of intention or goal setting. We thus help our mind fields to organize the many trillion bytes of information we may have gather over the course of our lifetimes, into new ideas or new possibilities in relation to how we may bring about the fulfillment of any such set intention. Which is exactly why people who set goals or themselves, and then do whatever it takes to help organize their minds fields in relation to such a set intention or prayed for result, do so much better than people who do not set goals. I mean how can you expect your mind field to help you, when you do not ask it to help you manifest whatever it may be that you find your self wanting. This becomes especially so in relation to the process of big mind awake 'insighting' as opposed to mere small mind 'thinking'. So what I am saying, is that the real significance of praying to some supposed outside source for help, is that it helps us to organize our inside self. Which implies that we might well be better off to pray or set intentions which are going to maximally / optimally help ourselves. This in turn begins to explain just why it is so important for us to support ourselves to set optimally great way huge positive intentions, for ourselves.
    For anyone who realizes that we ourselves are actually not separate from what we heretofore having been referring to as God. Rather that we are a part and parcel of this huge 'Quantum Level Unified Singular Most Consciousness. And thus that indeed the Kingdom of Heaven is actually to be found within - via our potential to link our inner selves up with that which is well beyond and without. This idea of praying to ourselves for help, via setting positively great intentions, will begin to make huge sense. Besides remember the great admonition, 'ask and ye shall receive', in other words help yourself become an active 'asking. participant in whatsoever fufillments you most long for. Mere passive believing will get you most no-where.

  • drquantum Jan 14, 2011

    drquantum Imagine being able to open your mind field, to the point wherein you actually would begin to experience so called reality in terms of pure energy systems. Rather than so much in terms of objects. Imagine being able to open your mind field to the point wherein you would begin to realize that at the quantum level of pure energy, all so called things are so inter-conected entangled. Such that within the context of the larger reality, there is actually no-thing but the possibility for an Innocent One-Der regained state - of whole field now embedded At-One-Ment. Could this be what is meant, by the ancient spiritual point of view which claims that the so called normal object reality we place so much faith in, is but an illusion. And therefore that the only true reality is that of At-One-Ment. Do you realize how liberating to the human mind this realization becomes. Inasmuch as it implies that we are the One's via our ability to create idea or concept 'thought form' abstractions, who actually invent all forms of so called object differentiation. Wow do you get it, this means that the moment we truly get this, we can finally liberate ourselves to keep on inventing, new ideas and concepts. In other words, no old ideas, concepts, or beliefs, are really sacred. What is most sacred is both our 'given?' and constantly 'evolving' ability to keep on co-creatively inventing - ever more new and whole, ways of being for ourselves. Could this be what is meant by the realization of true found 'liberty,' or 'big mind liberation'? So yes 'thought forms' are how we help ourselves keep on building a bridge between our positively mind blowingly inventive minds, and the field of pure at-one-ment energy within which we all find ourselves living. Life is after all is said and done, one huge big magical mystery tour, which we all have the possibility to keep on co-creatively changing / inventing - toward ever better and more whole - fulfillments. How truly magical is this?

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    cyouhanna7 Jan 06, 2011


    I think what you are trying to say is that being aware of your thought is essentially trying to understand and answer your questions and ultimately THAT is the healing process.

  • suellenc Jan 05, 2011

    I think of it like this.

    I see us as all being interconnected, we are interconnected as people and also interconnected to ourselves around our body. So if we have a thought about ourselves or about someone else then if the thought is deep and continual enough a change either negative or positive will take place, depending on the thought.

    To put it to your question, if many are in a hindu temple and praying in earnest to a hindu god, then it is the belief of the people praying and also the work of the hindu god together who will do the work where it is needed. So yes, the idol i feel does have some sort of interaction with the believers, as they are putting their strong faith and thoughts in the idol so their beliefs will come as they wish.

    Once i was very very ill, i saw many doctors for 13 years. Not one could diagnose me and i just became sicker and sicker ( i was 38 at the end), so my life as a mother and so much of my life had just gone. I lay in bed mainly and couldnt get up. I prayed so deeply and so much to God for help, i so much needed it.......and you will never guess i was answered...the next day my doc sent me to another specialist who this time listened and actually diagnosed me correctly and in a few months when i was more stable i had a heart op and now i am well. So the depth and earnestness of my prayers (thoughts) combined with praying to God, i fully believe helped me to this day.

    I hope i have helped you.


  • Melvin Redfern, PhD Jan 05, 2011

    I have had many examples of thoughts transforming; however, these changes usually require the healee wanting to access their inner wisdom. E.g., I have been a channel of healing for blindness, cancer, neurological disorders, et cetera being healed in most cases instandly. Remote healing has had similar results. I am retired but I'm interested in having people contact me, informally, for
    remote healing.

  • fishingstars Dec 31, 2010

    In my opinion the thought (energy) transforms its form FOR the "eye" of the beholder...influence is its action of the matter present at that place.
    In your example:-- no matter what...the idol WILL have some sort of interaction with the thoughts/minds of the believer.
    Do you know what I mean?----the influence IS the transformation. In the eye of the beholder. Its the "ask and you shall recieve" concept...These are just the thoughts that came straight away after reading your post...so, I hope I was some sort of help...minds combined we are Divine...hmm...I just keep thinking, that it isnt two seperate ways...transformations/influence...Its the same. I think that when a thought is present...whatever your asking, whatever your pondering...its already...true...or..."there" and that the thought...the energy...is the level of "knowing"...realising...discovering...almost like the question is the answer itself. Haha--okay NOW I dont know how to explain myself! Like the question...where is it???...well, you know where it is, you just have to find it lol....Whats the meaning of Life? exactly. KNOWING there is meaning. by asking that question to yourself...you've answered it already! you have to admit, in asking that question the first thing you think about is YOURSELF. YOUR the meaning. why are you here? because you are. your just here. in the NOW, the only thing that exists , that is true, is THIS moment....ok now im just talking myself in circles...I hope I didnt confuse you more...

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