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Explanation for Experiences

Posted Dec. 15, 2010 by Chayannes in Open

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commented on Jan. 27, 2011
by Chayannes



I have experiences I share with only a few others, because they are considered 'odd'. Such as:

Items disappear and reappear where not only I have looked, but others have looked for them. I, now, just wait for them to come back. Now, that is not something you want to tell just any one.

I have known more than once when it would be the last time I would see a loved one. I knew the moment my father died and the moment my mother took her last breath.

A week before a violent tragedy, I experienced impending doom and even contacted a couple of brothers and sisters. The experience of helplessness was something I do not wish to repeat.

I can meet someone and know things about them that is uncanny. It is hard to explain.

I have an unusual ability to calm those around me.

I have started crying for no reason to find my twin was crying. (She lives a couple states away.)

I know when my son or my grandchildren are arriving even though I had no prior knowledge. Many times I walk to the door and unlock it in preparation for their arrival.

Before entering a room I can feel an emptiness in the room. Never once has a room had a occupant when I felt no presence in the room. (My grandchild will ask where someone is located in house. I reach out and find them. Their home is three stories.) Possibly, I unconsciously keep my ears open for their movements. I do not know. The odd feeling is the presence that stands beside me when no one is there. Twilight zone stuff, right?

There is more to each of the above examples, as well as other experiences. I have never had a near death experience, been abducted by aliens, or out of body. (Although, the out of body could be completely cool.) I have felt violent and negative energy in rooms before. Now, that is exceptionally unpleasant.

I do believe positive thought and actions shape my world, but I have no explanation as to how I do these things. I feel, listen to a voice inside myself and just simply know things. I really do not worry about an explanation, because this is my reality. The thing is.... these experiences are increasing.

Sometimes, though, I would like to know why these things are happening and why it is my reality to experience them. I need to obtain knowledge. I wonder if some people have another 'sense' that others do not have. For example, some people hear a sound and have a taste in their mouths. Or, there really are other dimensions.

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    Chayannes Jan 27, 2011

    Thank you to everyone for the comments and information. It has given me a different insight into what I experience. When I seriously think about it, I want to believe in these experiences, because I do not want to believe that I am not really having them. They are not considered 'normal' by mainstream society. Truth is, I have opened more to this knowledge and it has been proven correct time and again. Your comments have given me more acceptance of, well, me. It is great to be acknowledged as real and not a nut, to be blunt.

    I like knowing that a decision I am about to make is unwise or not. I enjoy knowing things about people and accepting those differences because, after all, we are human. I can feel if a person is evil or not. I can feel it from them. I like thinking about a global mind or positive thought can be physical.

    Again, thank you.

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    workinprogress Jan 18, 2011

    In light of the fact that so many people have just discovered this site and for the first time are able to share their extraordinary experiences with others it is natural to try and understand these experiences and try to find out the how and why of them. i do think that a more complete understanding does allow one to enjoy their experiences and to feel more confident and calm about the new direction their lives are taking, so let's keep the dialogue open to all levels of understanding and expertise.

  • Mindlink0 Jan 07, 2011

    I recommend that we stop looking for explanations. Everybody can make a noise on a piano, but not everybody can become a concert pianist. Everybody can make marks on a piece of paper, but not everybody can be a successful author. We don't need explanations in order to enjoy a particular skill -- our own or other people's. When I was studying for a degree in electrical engineering, I learned that there is no such thing as a scientific fact; there are only theories, opinions and approximations, which are sometimes called "explanations".

    Everybody has so-called 'psychiic' abilities, and some people are better at them than others. I have had some fantastic experiences in distant viewing (sometimes called out-of-body experiences). My wife and I, together, walked around and visited with the members of a small community which existed thousands of years ago. Even our own kids thought that we were "weird". I am happy with the concept that we are all part of a Natural Information System, to use modern terminology. Pick a concept that works for you, give thanks for your awareness of your abilities, and help others to develop a similar awareness.

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    workinprogress Dec 22, 2010

    I felt settled after speaking to them, (except for the reading reccomendation "at the time") it was comforting to know that they felt this was a normal human experience. I started reading Seth Speaks again last night and found it an interesting study. Since there are many theories and explainations for the human condition including lots of ancient literature and books, I'm enjoying a theory written in the second person in a more contemporary setting. I cannot express all my opinions as absolutes because so much of the information that I have aquired through study comes from other sources, the books and theories are the product of others. The only things I can be certain of are my own experiences the only truth I can ascribe to is what I have learned through personal actualization, not the teachings of others. I am quite open to all forms of information and theories but do not believe that an absolute truth is currently available to us. I valued the information that SRI shared with me they certainly did not have to spend the time with me, I am confident that most of the information they shared has been shown to be valid in my experience.

  • RedDog Dec 22, 2010

    Sorry to hear that. Seems pretty reckless to make such recommendations and statements to someone in distress.
    Unfortunately, SRI did not really know about the true state of this art or sense skill, they were a public version of
    the more secret aspect, which has always been black. So I think they mixed in far to much wooo-wooo with their
    explorations of this normal human experience. They should have told you to read the Bible instead of a false
    interpretation book on communicating with the collective consciousness.

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    workinprogress Dec 21, 2010

    RedDog I have no information about that. Remember my contact with them was to try and first of all STOP what I was experiencing, and they told me I could not stop it, that I should try to develop it and accept it. That's when they tried to explain that in the future the abilities would be more prevalant among the general population, and that what I was experiencing was something that everyone had within them, it was just that some people had a "door open" or a "window opened". They seemed very unimpressed with my abilities and described subjects that they were working with who could do remote viewing, I was told it was not "special " or "odd" I just was one of those people who had the "opening". We talked about the Feta brain waves and the fact that at that time most of my experiences happened between 4 and 6 am, etc. etc. they knew alot about it and explained it as though they were giving directions make a left here go two blocks make a right. I was in an upset state and they certainly calmed me and my husband by this blase acceptance of how regular this was. I have no idea where their information came from but I do remember they told me to read a book called Seth Speaks, and I went out and bought it and after reading it I was REALLY CONFUSED, talk about twilight zone stuff. But in retrospect I think I'll read it again, maybe that's the source of some of their information? Wow that would be a trip!, I just found it so odd that these sceintific types told me to read a book about someone being channeled.

  • RedDog Dec 21, 2010

    The thing is that SRI was funded in that program by the Government and
    if they knew to look for something, the program would have been set up to
    find evidence of this gift which was above the "norm". What is known as a
    "fat tail anomoly" in statistics. So, why did they know to look for that... then?
    Just curious. :-)

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    cdespres Dec 21, 2010

    I believe most people have had some of these sorts of experiences but I suspect a majority are either barely aware of them and/or have them very rarely. My feeling is that much of what are inherent abilities are both untrained or blocked, probably both. I believe that much of the reason for the blockage - outside of what are likely varying levels of individual awareness and ability - is fear. We've, sadly, been so highly trained in fear - in having 'logical' reasons to be afraid of so many things, including the fear of losing control (or what we often falsely imagine as control) over our lives and the circumstances surrounding our lives. I don't know if it amounts to a chicken or the egg scenario - how to tap into abilities which open us to all of the healing and hopeful, whole connections we are human to experience, and thereby lose much of the fear we have; or somehow lose the fear and then discover those abilities and openings that naturally connect us to inner selves and the world around us. Practice, such as meditation and breathing exercies are huge in this regard. In any case, losing the stifling level of fear that many, many people experience, is to my mind a major component in discovering and using abilities and levels of awareness that I believe are within us all.

    I suppose lastly, I think that as the human race has evolved, carrying with it consciousness and knowledge of all time before (and to come?), we have focused on what is the project of awareness of the time in which we live. I think we've put aside, in recent centuries, abilities that lost favor with prevailing areas of focus (or power) - probably as much for survival reasons as any other. Intuitive knowledge became feared, where ages past it was highly regarded, due to religious and then 'scientific' persecution really, oftentimes ("who are you to speak for God? or is there God at all, or anything beyond what can be measured) and we're generally very out of practice, giving loads of excuses (coincidence or imagination or wishful thinking etc.) for what was long ago seen as a special, necessary category of wisdom. It seems to me that as science, or what we have described as the perameters of science, have come into question and evolved, that regard for a knowledge beyond what we can feel or see or smell etc. is coming back into a general awareness - slowly but surely - as a very real aspect of our consciousness and existence. I would imagine that as time passes, a realization of just how important these extra-sensory, and really deeper in many respects, elements of knowledge will be given a place in more mainstream attitudes. Yay for Noetic Science and others who are working towards this!

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    workinprogress Dec 21, 2010

    RedDog, you know I was so caught up in trying to understand what was happening to me that I just took that statement at face value, but when you think about it HOW would they know that? was it because there was an increase that was measurable at that time thiry years ago, or what? very curious indeed.

  • RedDog Dec 20, 2010


    I've researched most of that data over the past decade, and I'm familar with most of it. But, that blanket statement coming out of SRI (CIA funed) seems like a interesting slip of the tongue. I've never heard or read Targ, Puthoff or Vallee say that before. Since the funding source is interesting in that kind of data, It just makes me real curious why they would say that.

  • RedDog Dec 20, 2010


    I don't see us moving into this reality from the future as you defined it. Nor buy into your analogy that because you knew to fold the parchment into an airplane, that this is proof of your true self from the future. Your previous post is more accurate in my mind, when
    you refer to the veil between yourself and objects in this reality, whereas "From the perspective of the quantum viewpoint such separation does not really exist..." is all the explanation you should need as to why, some like yourself, are tapping into a form of human knowledge which appears ahead of our time. You simply tune in past the veil and know a truth others are blind to. IONs and their authors books and studies are filled with this kind of pristine knowing. True Remote Viewing is similar to this description. Separation is the illusion.

  • Neon1 Dec 20, 2010

    I read an article somewhere on this IONS site that suggested that there are several levels of sensitivity in humans, and it went on to categorize them in common terms. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the article, or where it can be found.

    I have always pictured a veil between myself and other objects. The veil between myself and other humans is quite porous and seems to be getting thinner as time goes on. The veil between myself and other animals is thicker but with the right dog, for instance, it can also become quite thin. The veil between computers and myself became quite thin during two decades of repairing them. Toward the end of my career I could intuit what was wrong with little or no thought. I refer to it as a “veil” probably because I am someone who tends to use the metaphor of sight. As opposed to someone who might say, “I feel what you’re saying” or, “I hear what you’re saying”. I would most likely say, “I see what you’re saying”.

    This veil, as I ‘see’ it, separates us from other parts of reality. From the perspective of the quantum viewpoint such separation does not really exist, but from our viewpoint it exists, to one extent or another, depending on the sensitivity of the individual. To some, the separation is absolute. But to you the separation is arguably more porous..

    My studies of the science and philosophy of consciousness have taught me that human consciousness is quickly evolving from its former stages. The direction of this evolution seems to be projected by persons such as yourself for whom this veil (as I describe it) is getting thinner every day. So, have fun with your abilities, and consider the possibility that you are closer to the future stage of human consciousness than most of us are.

  • Neon1 Dec 20, 2010

    Continued from above:

    I picture myself as a child who was sent into the distant past. I am bored and there seems to be nothing at hand to occupy my mind. Then, I spot a piece of parchment. Naturally, because I am from their future, I fold it into the shape of an airplane, and make it fly through the interior of the primitive thatched hut I share with my large family. Immediately, my mother instinctively grabs the magic object I’ve created and burns it in the cook-fire. My shock (and my tears) will be easier for her to bear than to have word spread throughout the camp that she is mother to a witch! She scares me so much that I never again attempt to occupy myself by activities that come so naturally to me. Later in life I learn that consciousness is evolutionary, and that I was one of many who are born before their time. The superstitions of the majority are a powerful force, and it’s often better to be silent than to be burned at the stake.

    It’s easier, for obvious reasons, to tell that story than to suggest that I am from our distant future, but that is essentially where I am from. I suggest that you simply accept that fact as well, but keep it to your self when you sense any danger by revealing it to someone. There are many here from the future, but not yet enough of us to make a difference.

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    Chayannes Dec 19, 2010

    I never thought of myself as having precognition abilities or being psychic. It seems as though these type of people have abilities way beyond mine, but with work I believe I will get stronger. I am ready for this now and knowing a way to contact others, like me, helps.

    Is there an organization or a group working on these things that I could join or follow the research? I would like to be a part of it.

    What I am getting is that we are a part of the unknown that really does exist. We cannot be scientifically verified, right? Maybe, the idea that what we think becomes a part of our physical reality isn't so far fetched.

    Thanks to all of you for your information. I am hoping that others will add their knowledge to the comments.

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    workinprogress Dec 18, 2010

    No RedDog, I don't remember who I spoke to but they said that future generations would exhibit this more and more until it became generally acceptable, and that more people in the general population would exhibit these abilities, or get in touch with these abilities within themselves. I don't know why they believed this would increase. It may have something to do with the studies they were doing. There have been several studies conducted by the scientific community that I have heard about over the years, as I understand it the ones in the 50s and 70s were government funded. The Soviets were way ahead of us in studying the phenomenon and we were trying to catch up.The science simply cannot explain how and why, but I'm certain that at some point they will be able to measure and catalog the experiences we share in a way that we will be able to understand.

  • OeanMenari Dec 18, 2010

    I never thought I'd find a scientific community that accepts the kind of gifts this group and I have in common. I have had experiences in all of these things, and science defies the answers to most of them until I start looking into string theory and the multidimensional universe. People have called me psychic and medium. I will answer to either of these. What I have read here does help me understand a little better what I practice.

  • RedDog Dec 17, 2010

    "They also said that these abilities would surface more commonly in the general population within the next twenty or so years "
    Did SRI ever indicate why they felt that way? Any idea who you spoke to? Targ, Puthoff?

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    workinprogress Dec 17, 2010

    Hi Chayannes,
    I understand your confusion and the many questions that you have regarding these experiences. In the 70's I had so many of these experiences that it was disruptive to my daily life, so much so that I contacted SRI to try and understand what was happending and how I could stop it. They were in the process of conducting tests on remote viewing at that time and found my precognitive abilities to be pretty commonplace. They told me that it had something to do with our concept of time not being true and the past present and future all existing in the now, well needless to say it was even more confusing to me at that time. They also said that these abilities would surface more commonly in the general population within the next twenty or so years ( that was thirty three years ago) and that these abilities and experiences would become acepted by the mainstream as plausable and that more studies would occur in order to explain them in a more scientifically acceptable way. I was unable to stop the experiences so I read some books and began to accept that this was NORMAL. Everyone has these abilities, some are just tapped into it more than others. It seems that there are no answers as yet as to why some people are more tapped in so we just have to understand that it is normal, learn to not fear it, and to surround ourselves with others who understand our experiences. It can be uncomfortable to share with those who have not had these experiences or are not in touch with this ability because as you know if it has not happended to you it's a little hard to accept and believe. I found it hard to believe even after many experiences and it wasn't until I was able to assist with a missing person case that I really felt validated, because the people who witnessed it were "official". So best wishes to you , accept yourself and you abilities, we are not special or odd we simply have gotten in touch with something that everyone has lying dormant within them.

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    Linlyn Dec 17, 2010

    I’m also a victim of violence. Learning to be open is a journey, a little at a time. Trust your inner voice; it will guide you.

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    Chayannes Dec 17, 2010

    These comments have really helped! I never realized I even needed them. It was that inner voice again.

    Linlyn - I think I am more open to the experiences than before and that may be why they are occurring more often. Or, maybe, it is the whole 2012 thing. Possible planet alignment does affect our reality or the spiritual/psychic plane. When I listen to music it flows though me. I am open to it. I am trying to open another part of myself. It is not always a pleasant experience. I have been relearning my responses to stimuli as well. I was a victim of a violent crime and developed PTSD. I no longer have any symptoms.

    davidboullata - I investigated ley lines this a.m., but did see a line close to where I live. Definitely going to research more on it. Thanks for the idea. I do not believe we only use part of our brain; however, I do believe we are unaware of all the unconscious. I wonder how much more I will be able to do with practice. Should be really interesting.

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    Chayannes Dec 17, 2010

    Thank you for all the comments. They are greatly appreciated.

    Ewawell - I will definitely try observing a person in a crowd. I have started researching my natal chart as well. It looks really confusing right now, but I work on it. Do you think 2012 with the alignment of the planets will raise these types of experiences?

    Trixie88 - I never really thought about what I do when things occur, but when I think about it honestly that is not entirely true. I thought about Ewawell's comments and seriously concentrated on what I do when I try to locate someone or learn about them. When checking if my son is at his desk, I will picture that area in my mind and reach for it. The area will feel empty if he is not there. There seems to be a different energy to it. With locating them in the house, I realize they each feel slightly different. Their energy feels different, so i think about them and the different areas of the house and locate them. I always check my home before entering. When learning about someone, I realized yesterday, I purposely look at them and thoughts about them come to me. I am new at trying to really think about how I do these things, so will keep trying. There was a game I used to play in which you predict the next card and I almost always win, but lottery numbers is something I have never tried.

  • ewaweel Dec 16, 2010

    Hi Chayannes,

    You shared your story with great passion as well as with great trust. You probably knew, somehow, that our minds would be receptive to you. This forum is, indeed, a safe place to talk about those subjects. All this sharing of experience was not possible a few years ago. Humanity has indeed evolved towards accepting parallel realities.

    The “powers” you have are normal for a lot of people, but like you, they dare not speak about it in public. Let’s say that your brain is just more “awakened” than others. Young children have these powers but they soon forget them when they start school, and children also experience helplessness in everyday’s life.

    You don’t know how you do this because you do not control these powers. You are, and you can feel yourself, like floating with a sense of helplessness. Have you ever watch a coral reef receive the rising tide while scuba diving? You feel the tide, but you have no control over it. You would like to learn to control these powers.

    You need to obtain knowledge, as you say. Start by observing the way you feel about others while watching them hidden in a crowd. Something like trying to be conscious of having a lucid dream. Consider fasting a few days before, it will help your mind to gain control. Why this happen to you is explained by the positions in the water houses of your natal chart.

    E.W. Aweel

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    Trixie88 Dec 16, 2010

    Many people call this psychic ability and others say you are more sensitive to feeling energy than others (by others I mean the people who do not condsider this normal). I think the things you have said are amazing and I think you should pay attention to them and try to learn from them. I had a repetive dream once for a week - at the end of the week it came true, down to every detail. It was a warning that I should not do something but I didn't know how to "read" the dream (and still don't - but I try to pay attention more). I am on this site to try to figure out how to develop better skills. I have always found that my "gut instincts" are always right and every time I don't listen things don't go well. I am not religious, nor am I a new age person - but in my life for the past 5 years there have been very strong indications that I needed to make changes, go places and do things. It is a very long story that I won't tell here but it started with me not listening or paying attention to signs and it took 2 near death experiences for me to listen. Most people would listen after 1, but I obviously was not listening or getting the message. Certainly did the second time!!
    As for the lost things, that happens to me all the time and my mother taught me a ryhme to find things again - once I say it they ALWAYS appear! even in places I've already looked.
    As for smells, I remember walking down a hall way one day and it smelled like my grandmother's kitchen (she passed away) and I smiled and said hello to her. Don't know why, maybe thinking that her ghost was present, or that it might simply have been someone cooking the same things she did. But smells are our strongest memory. So I don't know what it means but I choose to think of it as my grandparents saying hello, reminding me that they are around, their energy is still in my life.
    I guess I'm saying your normal, totaly normal, and just are closer to the energy of others regardless of distance. I've been on the train heading home and knew what letter would be in the mail box - sure enough there it is. Some times I've tried to will things to happen - like winning the lottery or obtaining something I want - doesn't seem to happen, but then again time will tell. I think I'll buy a lottery ticket tonight!!
    If I could ask you if there is something you do to feel others, or to know what is going to happen in advance. Is there a way I could become better at this?
    Do let me know. :)

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    Linlyn Dec 16, 2010

    I have these sorts of experiences too. I’ve had them all my life. And while they seem normal to me, I learned early on that most people don’t consider them normal, so I rarely talk about them. Sometimes I feel as if I’m invading someone’s privacy, because I know things about them, particularly about their health, without being told. I almost always know when I’m seeing someone for the last time. I generally know if someone is not going to keep an appointment with me. I sense that their energy will not be in the place where we agreed to meet. Everything is energy, including our consciousness. And the energy of consciousness isn’t limited to just our physical bodies and reality. It extends to quantum and spiritual realities. I think we all have conscious awareness from those non-physical realities. But I don’t know why some people seem to recognize it or experience it to a greater degree than others. And I don’t know why it changes over time. You mentioned that you find this happening more often now than in the past. I have periods of time when it seems to happen more often and more clearly, and I’ve never been able to see a pattern or figure out why.

  • David Boullata Dec 16, 2010

    We are aware of many more things going on around us on a subconscious level than on a conscious level. Our conscious brains would not be able to handle all of the information otherwise. It seems that you have learned to tap into the information of the subconscious at will.

    As far as things disappearing and reappearing, not sure. Where do you live? You may be living on a some sort of ley line. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ley_line)

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