looking for students in INDIA that speak english and are interested in IONS

Posted Dec. 14, 2010 by Larry Davis in Open

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commented on July 26, 2011
by Shankar Narayan



looking for students in INDIA that speak english and are interested in IONS discussion with young people in INDIA.
contact me at noeticstudent@cenurytel.net

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    Shankar Narayan Jul 26, 2011

    @phoenix7791 Contact me on my facebook page

  • phoenix7791 Apr 21, 2011

    Hi, I am Aritra Sarkar, 20yo, currently pursuing B. Tech Avionics in Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology in India. I have developed considerable interest in Noetic Science after reading the book "Noetic Universe" by Dean Radin from IONS and some of his videos in YouTube. I would love to be a fellow in your venture.

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    Shankar Narayan Mar 16, 2011

    Hello all. why Dont we all start a forum or a meet up group to discuss and research on Noetic sciences in India?
    What say?

  • Nikhil Tandon Dec 28, 2010

    Hello Sir,

    As you need, I am a student from India. I can speak English, and I'm also interested in Noetic Sciences, besides that I'm working on my own subject 'SUMANN' . It is somewhat related to Noetic that's why I've named its one part as Noetic. My subject relates to SUMANN, in Hindi it means 'su-mann' means a good mind, and in English its an Abbreviation for "Science-Universe-Mind-Abstract-Noetic-Nature".For you I'm not so older that you can get me into your group i.e my age is not between 20-70. It doesn't matters to me, and I must tell you my chronicle age is however less than 20 but still mentally I can be your partner. What a Noetic person needs that you know and I too know. It is sure that we all can help ourselves, but still if we effort together for our task then we'll definitely get something better or even the BEST !!!

    And if i'm not wrong and i'm in right path then i'll surely get a positive reply from your side. :D

    I've mailed you in the given address, if you think I'm the right person then you may reply to my mail and if not then no problem i'll be always there for Noetic.

  • Larry Davis Dec 23, 2010

    please contact me at noeticstudent@centurytel.net thank you all

  • Larry Davis Dec 18, 2010

    three questions from NanIONS krutz and Aquila I need your assistance if possible contact me at noeticstudent@centurytel.net you can assist me in developing a group to discuss these ions ideas we have started a group around the age of 20 to 70 so far jion us please

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    NanIONS Dec 16, 2010

    Hi Larry,

    I am from India - a cancer biologist, trained yoga instructor and an energy healing practitioner. I am greatly interested in IONS. May I kindly know if I could be of some service to IONS. Have sent an e-mail to the ID mentioned as well.

    Good day!

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    krutz Dec 15, 2010

    hi...i m 22 year old student of homoeopathic medicine from mumbai,india and m quite interested in noetic science and IONS especially after reading the lost symbol..

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    aquila14 Dec 15, 2010


    Are you looking specifically for students or any young persons ok? I'm a 26 yr old woman working as an asst. prof in a college in south India. But I'm very interested in Noetic sciences and IONS.

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