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If mainstream medicine could help humanity, would they?

Posted Nov. 28, 2010 by junglepaul in Open

commented on Nov. 17, 2011



I have been studying and working on the mind body spirit phenomonem of humans and animals for 20 years. in that time i have witnessed thousands of so called miracles. For the last 110 or so years the "conventional" drs have refused to accept the movement of head bones bringing rise to the brain (electrical transmitter/receiver) breathing cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) concept. The research of the Dr j upledger has measured the movement and explained in medical terminology the process involved.
Working with my intention, or thought process and hands i have helped release stuck bones replace areas of brain, starved of CSF. This process has started physical healings, mind healing, and helped people experience and understand their true selves, and potentials. from emotional release to past life experiences, physical body changes to visions and spiritual awareness. i have had people talking to individual energies within their bodies, seen as shapes and colours helping them to understand themselves more releasing the energy trapped within.
All of this is not "new" it has been documented for over 4000 years the ancients called it "balancing the plates of the skull" people like me have been around forever, dr's have only been here for about 400 years...

  • KYRANI Nov 17, 2011

    Modern Western medicine is not really a profession at all but an industry. It is not a single industry but many companies. However they act as a single group where their interests are concerned. And they do whatever promotes profits and don't do whatever hurts profits. The doctors themselves are quite a mixed bag. There are certainly some very good doctors to be found if one looks hard enough but there is also a great number of them that are greed driven. The medical industry in all countries makes it their business to have a large say in what doctors learn and how they learn it. The evidence is to be seen in the very fact that they are denying key information that would help people understand diseases and stress far more, indeed enough to avoid many diseases. ESP is one such area. The stress that leads to disease is caused by toxic relationships. Among a person's relatives, friends and workmates are to be found those that want to gain power and influence as to control and manipulate them. The methods used by toxic people employ ESP, which inside of relationship is at an absolute premium. If the experiments were done without all the double blinding, which after all is all about relational distancing, then people would be shocked at how much we do perceive and how many ideas that appear to be our own are indeed presented by others. All the major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and so-called mental disorders are the result of maltreatment, mainly done for the sake of manipulation and control or revenge. When people discover the truth these diseases will be history and trillions upon trillions of medical dollars will be lost.

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    workinprogress Nov 14, 2011

    Most doctors begin as students and are given the basics about how the human body functions and the various diseases that science has been able to record and understand. To date this information is fairly limited, although each year more and more information is gained and shared, it's still limited to previously understood information. Doctors spend their days and nights doing the best they can with the information they "learned" in school , however more and more there are doctors who have witnessed things that medicine cannot explain, these drs. have a more expended view of the human condition but are still tied to traditional therapies for the most part because of what insurance companies will or will not pay for. Complimentary medicine has made inroads into the contemporary drs. office in that insurance will now pay for some massage, accupuncture, bio feedback therapy and chiropractic...it is a slow and terribly complicated road to change these ingrained biasis., but change is happending , most medical schoold now offer coursed on nutrition a class that was unheard of 20 years ago. The pharmicutical industry still has far too much power in the doctors office, until that changes we must be our own advocates for our own health and for change.

  • frequencytuner Dec 23, 2010

    The irony is that true health, perfect health is death. As long as we are "here" we are "sick" because physical manifestation in itself is a disorder. The entire universe is created out of a single disharmony. Mainstream medicine will attempt to do what the majority of other mainstream organizations will do and that is to prolong the life, prolong and 'manage' the suffering or disease. Management is not cure because mainstream effort is not harmonized with nature. It is like how modern physicists are trying to figure out how to make a wormhole. This is the work of DNA, yet the mainstream wants to do it as well. The point is that - like every locked door - unless you have a key - DNA - leave it alone. It is meant to be closed unless opened by DNA. Creating artificial wormholes is exactly like giving someone a pharmaceutical drug - it is unnatural but it satisfies their desires, which are - correspondingly - also unnatural.

    To live we cannot achieve perfect health, but we can become harmonized with nature and exist harmoniously and holistically within it.

  • frequencytuner Dec 22, 2010

    Simple answer: no. Reason, true healing is not mainstream medicine.

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    christian Dec 05, 2010

    Have witnessed incredibly similar healings / happenings as well as accurate, fully functioning prophetic giftings in Pentecostal- Charismatic Christian gatherings where the Shekinah glory of God or manifest, tangible presence of the Holy Spirit evident. Am 51, very well educated, encountered Jesus at age 36 though at the time very secular in my feeding. Have been a student of the Holy Bible since then even ordering my thought life by its words and personally have experienced breakthrough after breakthrough in experiencing intimacy with Jesus -- experiencing communion --walking and talking with Him. Have known marked mental and emotional healing myself. However, the greatest UNION with Him this year from pushing Song of Songs type relating to Jesus to the limit - Jesus,THE LOVER of mankind individually and corporately. Have experienced orgasmic healing - spiritual / sexual intercourse with the indwelling Christ...a kind of firstfruits of the Second Coming, a play on "to come" or climax...have orgasm...my circuits healed. A deeper embrace - Jesus loving my very body back to full sexual functioning. And in this - core parts of my personality finding His healing touch. Inviting response...would love to share what am experiencing...orgasmic love- level knowing of the Lord with any seekers.

    Katherine Bell
    Davidson College BA English
    Christian Life School of Theology Doctor of Ministry


  • gangstaajoe Nov 29, 2010

    true dr.s have not been around around long but the problem is with todays society is that we are to ignorant of are surroundings and we live lifes of material goods and money and for some people money means everything. So to answer the question if mainstream medicine could help would they probably not becasue they make to much money on what they do know and as you said yourself the dr.s refuse to accept a concept that is probably a more reality they what they beleive now. Though if they became more enlightened they it might change then but until then i still believe they would not.

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