How self-aware are you?

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Awareness of self is an interesting philosophical discussion found throughout the history of humankind. In this venue it would be interesting to hear what your perspective is on when you believe you became aware of Self. Or to put in another way, When did you become conscious of You?? This goes hand-in-glove with my certainty that I am IN this world but not OF this world.

  • suellenc Jan 06, 2011

    I used to be out of my body always ( for a very good reason) and hence had no idea who or what i was.

    Then about 13 years ago, i found someone who has helped me learn to be back in the body and i since then i have been learning who i am, what i like in books clothes hairstyles thinking etc etc.

    I am now 52 and the last 13 years have been a very interesting time.

    I feel now i am almost fully aware. But soon as i think i am almost there, i see there is so much more to realise and know always.

  • frequencytuner Dec 22, 2010

    In a moment I was drifting along with Ursa and Draco towards Polaris, then the universe collapsed in my view and I became the earth. Words serve no purpose in description here. I find awareness easiest when empathizing with nature. Feel the rhythm of the oceans in your own skin, the magma in your blood, the forests in your lungs and feel the heartbeat of our greater self energize your very core.

    In truth, what you do makes no difference: the path you follow will lead to the same destination. The magic is in every breath, with every step in every moment.

    Though we swim in the waters of duality, we must reconcile that we are not OF those waters, we ARE those waters.

  • RedDog Dec 17, 2010

    I can see we asked the same questions as youths of our elders. I think I used to annoy them somewhat with the `why were you/they there?’ It is a logical question, for people like us, who are less influenced by our initial programming. I spent a few years questing after that special “Hidden Wisdom” which allows us to ask these questions. Why doesn’t everyone ask these questions?

    Well, your story about the child laborers below, reminds me of a story that answers my question. It is a simple one that you have no doubt read. JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL, by Richard Bach. Jonathan was also asking himself the questions as to why his flock all fed off of the garbage trawlers when the good fish were just below the surface, you can see them if you fly high enough! Same story. It is about perspective and being beyond the influence of our flocks.

    In more human terms, I’ve determined that there are three classes of people in this world. A trinity if you will.
    1.) Adults - those who’s role is to rise above and acquire resources for distribution among their flocks.
    2.) Parents - Who’s role is to take that which has been acquired a distribute the resources among their flock based upon a hierarchy.
    3.) Children - Who’s role is to consume and experience life in the flock, conforming to the rules.

    Granted this is simplistic, but it needs to be to understood where people you dialog with, fit into their worlds. As you might have guessed, there is a very small, forth category of people who are seekers, holders of this wisdom, the Jonathan’s that fly above the rest, who also function as moderators and are above most influence.

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    shoalin Dec 16, 2010

    Yes that is true, it is like the child laborers working on dump heaps in third world countries. We all feel sorry for them for the way they are portrayed on TV. But I read a report from a guy that lived with them for a while and he said that they are generally comfortable with thier way of life and dont appreciate being portrayed in such a manner. While this is very difficult for us to imagine, it stands true that we will find comfort in our surroundings no matter what the circumstances (of course if we are conditioned to them, this obviously wouldnt be apparent for somebody conditioned to 1st world living being suddenly thrown into 3rd world conditions). I often used to discuss various battles and wars with my grandfather as my family history is littered with involvement in most of the major wars/battles leading back several hundred years. I used to ask him 'why were you/they there? what was the overall goal of the mission? was it retaliation?' He always answered the same way, 'It was not for us to know such things, we were given a mission, we had to follow it, nobody asked those type of questions'. It eluded me as to why they would fight an 'enemy' given there was no reason to do so. I understand that most of these battles were simply 'land grabs' and while the native peoples of whatever country it may be that was invaded are still feeling the effects of these things, he always looked at it as 'we won/lost the battle' or whatever, with no notion of whether the cause was good or not. Basically they are conditioned to the situation in such a way that the only meaning to it is reaching goals proposed by their own governments. And while my grandfather was aware of the destruction that was caused and understood the impact it had on people, he still had this aura of 'glory' like the old knights. It was interesting to see the other side of it, to see that the invaders were indeed just as human as anybody else, albeit heavily brainwashed with illogical ideals and mantras with which to live by. In fact you talk to a soldier even today, not a great deal has changed! And I dont think they entirely buy into what there being told, I think they just want to buy into it, as it gives thier life meaning, it brings comfort and purpose, and one that they will defend under any circumstances. People in general are much the same, we may be all co-creators of delusion, but even if you can show this delusion to somebody they will try to defend it, or justify thier part in it in some way, anything outside of it is quite literally, outside of thier 'comfort zone'.

  • RedDog Dec 16, 2010

    Oddly enough one of the places or resources I find the most enlightenment on the subject of perspective comes from the lyrics of certain song writers and poets.

    When you spoke about the DELUSION that most people buy into, I thought of Johnny Rivers’ 1980 album BORROWED TIME where he sings ...”we’ve been sleeping on a feather bed of lies...”

    As this implies that not only do we create, or co-create this DECEPTION (I like that word better), but it is a COMFORTABLE one that lulls us into a sleep. Most people are not willing to leave such a comfortable refuge, even if it is temporary.

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    shoalin Dec 15, 2010

    "I also don’t subscribe to the notion that...”there is no human on earth that fully understands the process.” If you are ...”aware that there is more to self existence than what is physically apparent.” why do you think that perception is so common to most humans?

    Good point.
    And exactly the reason I commented, it is for me to learn from others what I have overlooked myself. Thanks for the reply.

  • RedDog Dec 15, 2010

    Sorry Shoalin, you lost me with your perspective.

    OBE recounted by individuals are subject to personal interpretation and filtering so as a whole can not be considered “proof”, yet, here at the Noetic Institute you will find all the empirical proof you need, from all the authors and studies gathered over the past 150 years, of OBE transitions too numerous to mention here.

    I’m not so stuck on the perspective that one must “measure things outside the senses”, as I see that as bottom up thinking. It is more interesting to posit the question in reverse.

    I also don’t subscribe to the notion that...”there is no human on earth that fully understands the process.” If you are ...”aware that there is more to self existence than what is physically apparent.” why do you think that perception is so common to most humans?

  • RedDog Dec 15, 2010

    Thanks Moonwatcher,

    That is part of what I was looking for. Especially the moment of conception when YOU are transitioning from YOU with no form, to a single cell that relies upon its mother and her senses for grounding in this reality. It would be the point before the veil is fixed and growing with the new body.

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    shoalin Dec 14, 2010

    Hi reddog, my comment was capped by the character limit and as a result only half of it was posted. Basically where i was going with it was yes indeed thier is an inner and outer 'I' as you say, this is simply a physical representation or expression of the outer because to be honest how else does something express itself in an orderly manner without laws that govern it (ie. physics and the like) proof of an outer form of consciousness is self evident for everybody you dont require OBE's and the like (I question the accuracy of OBE's simply because it could be yet another subconcious delusion being as these things cannot be empirically measured due to our little 'unable to objectively measure things outside of the senses and therefore our own mind' problem) everybody has the ability to be creative this is an ability to organise something from infinite possibility, a brain with a finite amount of synapses and chemical reactions therien cannot possibly process something infinite let alone create something entirely original. Now where I was going with this was the order of things or how it is that we have controlled access to this infinite 'pool' of consciousness that is everybody yet 'I' at the same time. The description that a pool of consciousness is observing itself objectively or manifesting order for its own existence makes little sense other than its enjoying its own entertainment. I mean, if we humans are the organisers of things by way of intent, why is it that thier is no human on earth that fully understands the process? This goes deeper than just a great pool of consciousness from which we physically manifest, I'd say consciousness is just another level of existence in itself governed by something much greater. Self awareness is implied in a pool of oneness, yet nobody is fully self aware only aware that thier is more to self existence then what is physically apparent. It seems the deeper I look the more 'existence is for the consciousness to entertain itself' becomes apparent. Perhaps that is the only reason we are all here. In any case, it is not us alone that maintains order. Otherwise the need for self discovery wouldnt be there.

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    Moonwatcher Dec 14, 2010

    Hello RedDog,

    I had a past-life hypnosis session where I was taken back through my time in utero, back through conception, then out the other side to a past life. In general it was not a very successful session. However, the moment of conception and in-utero part of if was very interesting. I could see myself going from being ready to be birthed (I was in no hurry, and was almost a month past term) to growing smaller and more fetus like. At one point I could sense my larger head size in relation to the rest of my body, and my spinal cord, and so forth. I was asked about what I sensed from my mother, and all I could sense was a heartbeat, warmth, and running out of room! I could not remember mom's emotions, color/music, or integrating my brain with my body. But I did have a sense of self-contained self.

  • RedDog Dec 14, 2010

    I like how you defined reality in your analogy Shoalin. It is clear and simple, while getting to the root of the problem of awareness, consciousness and “I” in this reality. Using the term delusion or theme as something we have applied to create this reality is a difficult concept for most to grasp, let alone agree with. It tends to point ones focus inward in an attempt to deny our “senses”, which is a common theme in most enlightenment pathways. The only thing I don’t agree with is the notion that one cannot observe this reality “external to your brain”.

    O.B.E., N.D.E. and Remote Viewing all have pathways external to ones brain, as often times in N.D.E.’s there is no measurable brain activity! There appears to be a version of yourself which is free from the body, yet is a coherent collection of energy distinct to YOU. This outer form of YOU, co-exists within the physical from of YOU. I am aware of this physical form of ME that exists in the delusion of this physical reality, and see that this physical reality is moving in a lineal fashion like a pen on paper, with me as the pen. I can even see that hidden hand which guides the pen as being both as aspect of the outer ME, and something greater, something more than just ME.

    Your right, it is not just consciousness which guides, from my perspective it is both my consciousness and subconsciousness acting as a conduit for a collective consciousness which is outside of lineal time. So my control is limited to this pen, in this time, with the color and thickness assigned by something else, but with my impulsive free will giving the prose a distinct STYLE. It does feel much like a programmed reality, in that I did not create the pen, the paper or the basic story line, I’m just another author, or voice in the chorus.

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    shoalin Dec 14, 2010

    "self awareness" cannot be fully achieved and I will explain why. Reality as you know it is simply an interpretation you have made given the short band of stimuli availiable to you via the senses (vision, smell etc.). After some time of looking within you begin to notice that allmost everything is a product of delusion or a 'theme' you have applied to reality. Then you realise that reality itself or your perception of it (same thing) is entirely delusion because it is filtered and processed by you. Many ancient religions have taught us about reality being illusionary and 'attaining enlightenment' or perceiving reality without the filter of delusion which is impossible given that all reality is perception and to get some notion of the purity of reality would be to observe it externally from your brain which is again not possible.

    Further looking within will eventually lead to the understanding that all reality as you know it is actually you. Yes thats right all reality as you know it is you, if you react a certain way to stimuli lets say for example somebody says something to you that touches a nerve you may become angry with the person, but it is yourself you are getting angry with because this filter or version of events is entirely interpreted by you. That means everybody and your understanding/reaction to them is just a reflection of your own insecurities/desires etc. Otherwise it would not exist within reality as it is your reality.

    You can understand this process but you cannot become self aware, think of reality (your perception of existence) as a pen that is allways writing information, this information is reality, and while you can read this information as we do, you cannot make your way to the pen because it would cancel interpretation and therefore reality out alltogether. Much like taking your brain right out of your own head. The pen is interpretation, the pen is you. How it is that the pen writes information is something I take much interest in, because something must be guiding the pen otherwise the information would make no sense at all. Consciousness perhaps? But that would mean that consciousness determines reality and we simply go with the written information, are we really in control? or do we believe we are? We could be a program of some type that just plays out, all the while with us believing we have free will etc.

  • KnowEthics Dec 10, 2010

    For me self-awarness is the basic catalyst for becoming self-realized. Self awareness is sort of just an understanding that we are more than just this body,mind,intelligence,false ego. Then after I had that experience i got really excited and started this whole journey to become self realized which has been a whole other process in itself. Still a long way to go, still am very attached to sooo many things and have the great pain of self awareness that I am not really put my heart and soul into it either. I've got heaps of justifications as to why that is so, and I laugh at myself when some so called profound realization comes to me when I'm smoking a cigga. Anyhow as far it has gone, the path is endless and the simple fact that reassures me is that at least in my own strange way, am trying to understand.

  • RedDog Dec 06, 2010

    It is common to hear stories like Mgsnider or Melissa's which indicate a strong causal link from positive or negative intentioned .... hmmm hard to say this... OTHERS. Those that are not you. Family, friends, eniemies, jailers, govermental or educational bodies. If there is a single word to describe those outside your consciousness or self, I don't know what it is.

    Anyway, these entities, both knowingly and unknowingly, serve to reinforce the physical aspect of this reality and your view of self. They mold your post womb perspective of self, through loving or hateful words, actions and norms which we are encouraged to follow. As opposed to exploring our true selves, which are above such influences. This can also be described as "the veil", which blinds us to our truth.

    Only individuals who are above or beyond influence seem to maintain a strong bond to them-selves beyond the veil, without a N.D.E. or O.B.E. This would include the influence of your own body and its percieved needs.

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    ladeyj Dec 05, 2010

    Conception and Incarnation memories? What a fascinating thought, Red Dog. Thank you. I'll have to wander around that, but think I will go slowly and cautiously. My, my! Mariene's dream was also fascinating. I'd like to hear more about that dream. Wonder if Mariene is wondering why she dreamt of that and not her own beginning. Don't have to answer that Mariene, just tossing it out there for you. Geez, sometimes I think, the more you grow and fall open, the scarier and more mysterious it can get as it also gets clearer. Oh der!

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    ladeyj Dec 05, 2010

    Hey, Tobyjohn, i found your general comment a bit egotistical. I found your comment, "fully conscious of the core of the self which is consciousness itself" an interesting thought to wiggle around with, and thank you. But I thought your comments in general came across as arrogant. Don't know if that is how you meant it, but the arenas in which we dabble are unsure and tricky It is my thinking to-date that all we can do on an individual basis is explore ourselves and our universe and come to the best understanding and conclusions we can for ourselves and our universe. To be sure, other people's experiences and thinking can be and are helpful, and I think helping one another to grow is one of the most major of human responsibilities. At the same time, I don't think there is any place for arrogant criticism as we all do our best to find out, only the best assistance we have to offer is appropriate in my view. Basically, we all have to do it for ourselves, and it's not easy or sure footed.

  • Anonymous Icon

    ladeyj Dec 05, 2010

    For MelissaLouise -- I am so sorry you had to have such a difficult experience -- in prison. Sounds tough. First, hope you are patting yourself on the back for your willingness and desire to move forward in spite such a difficult situation. This is really great and shows great courage -- and fortitude. My experience with these kinds of things is that periodically your self, your body, mind, spirit, or whatever in the heck it is simply grows awhile and then needs a rest. I have sort of learned to accept and honor this while trying to remain open. I have gotten to the point now where nothing is happening, i'm not even looking or trying and all of a sudden something will just flit by and I will have to say, OOPZ, dat looks like me, and sure enough it I dabble with it, sometimes long enough, I have to decree, that, YEP, tiz I. Usually these are kind of shocking learning experiences and I am not to pleased to me this facet of myself, this person, if you will. I don't thin any of us can be too cocky in thinking that we know all of this, cause we don't. Rest as needed MelissaLouise and just keep open and willing to move as you do. You seemingly didn't take really good care of yourself there for at least awhile, but your willingness to try to do better gives you the right to forgive yourself. So do that, then start loving MelissaLouise. Best ladey j

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    mgsnider Dec 04, 2010

    I grew up in a rather dys-functional family, with a father who routinely taught me through his actions and his words that I was of little value. I remember hearing him telling on occasion, "Can't you ever do anything right?" My view of Self was, to say the least, rather dismal. My first real awareness that this was not truly accurate came during a class I took while working on my undergraduate degree titled "Relaxation and Stress Reduction." Well, I couldn't pass up a class like that! The class focused on clearing the mind, totally relaxing and also on hypnosis and meditation. During one exercise, the instructor led everyone through hypnosis process where, at one point, he told us we were to "leave our bodies", rise above and look down on our bodies lying on the floor. Then he instructed us to re-enter our bodies through a pore or some other opening and travel to a specific spot in our body. Thirty-plus years later, I clearly remember re-entering my body and traveling to the base of my brain. What I saw totally changed my outlook on "who I was." I saw what I can best describe as the energy of life! I saw a mass of energy that was incredibly bright and looked like the greatest lightning storm imaginable. That event stirred in me a quest to discover the real Truth of who I am which continues today! Am I aware of Self? Yes, to some small degree, but to become totally aware of Self, in my opinon, is to become aware of a power beyond our comprehension.

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    GnosticGemini Dec 02, 2010

    When I was in grade school a friend of mine pointed out that I was being not-so-nice and it was the first time that I realized that people were making judgements about me, or that "this is how they see me". More recently, another person pointed out that I "blame" myself too much and I had to realize that it was true and up until that point I did not recognize it. So become self-aware never really stops. It is a process that anyone that is looking, will see but in stages as they are ready to see.

    I think that 'not being of this world' means that we are not attached to our 'things'. Easy to say, harder to prove!

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    melissalouise Dec 02, 2010

    Thank you RedDog for your advice, this has certainly inspired to me to look further into how others in much more harsh and extreme conditions have not allowed themselves to become affected by their physical world, instead to have the self belief and conviction that I aspire to.
    Many thanks

  • RedDog Dec 01, 2010

    Lessons from Nelson Mandella are useful here.
    Look at how he delt with having his body imprisoned while his spirit remained free.
    It is only a message he could tell to you, heart to heart.

  • Anonymous Icon

    melissalouise Dec 01, 2010

    I have just found myself in a situation where my feelings of self awareness have ground to a halt, I no longer know how I feel or how I should be feeling. The fact that I spent over two years in prison where we weren't allowed to think for ourselves and any feelings we may have had were too hard to contend with may be the reason I have bottled things up inside to a point I have no idea how to rejoin life again as a useful person and to contribute to it.
    Any suggestions would be gratefully received as I currently feel very lonely in my own body and need to regain my own self awareness desperately.

  • RedDog Nov 30, 2010

    The core programming to this reality has much to do with our perception of self. The allegory's found in Bach's books, specifically "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" are profound in their simplicity and truth.
    "To Begin with," he said heavily, "you've got to understand that a seagull is an unlimited Idea of freedom, an image of the Great Gull, and your whole body, from wingtip to wingtip, is nothing more than thought itself".

    These thoughts are the chains that bind us to the body, in the deceptive form of self awareness. Once we realize there is no real boundry to SELF, we become free to explore the true aspect of selfhood which is pre-womb.

  • gangstaajoe Nov 29, 2010

    For me in a way became self aware the more "bad experiences I had" such as being called dumb by school teachers that would not teach me to being picked on for being different or not wearing the latest fashion but I had a real ephiphany I would say a couple eyars ago when i reached the first stage of the Buddhist enlighment stages with my then instructor on a very unique life style.

    As for being in the world instead of of the world I totally agree with being in simply because to be of the world in a sense would mean to be a part of the world as in created from the world where as in the world to me means to be apart of everything involved to being in a world created by man/women.

  • EyeofLife Nov 28, 2010

    Great question, Redog. I became conscious when I turned 25. I remember walking through the supermarket and feeling like I was waking up. I became an observer of other people and then of myself. As I looked across the supermarket, I realized most of the people were "sleep walking" They were not active participants in life, rather living in a reactive state of consciousness. I never went back to "sleep"..thankfully. This experience was the catalyst to my ever elevated state of thought process, experience and interaction with others.

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    jwalters Nov 25, 2010

    self aware? That's easy. I am 100% self aware ever since I escaped from my mothers womb. (not so sure before that)

    The object should be to be self UNaware. How self unaware are you? Am I?

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    Tobyjohn Nov 24, 2010

    Self awareness can be taken to a level beyond what the hippie groups generally call mindfulness... For some there is a higher more concentrated level in which you enter into the field in which all evolution takes place... The field of the now which is the true reality of the world that most people are unaware exists because they are under the distraction of the mind.

    To enter the field one needs to become fully conscious of the core of the self which is to become consciousness itself and the body becomes an avatar the mind is simply the mind and one knows that in truth they are God. This is the true enlightened state... I'm not even certain many people at this organization have any experience of this other than the founder... Maybe they do... I'll keep looking anyway.... They have been pretty poor at responding to email queries.

  • Marlene Nov 21, 2010

    @ Reddog
    I dreamed about the conception in the womb of my husband and his twin sister and their birth recently. Is this what you mean?

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    Inquisitivegirl Nov 20, 2010

    How does one gauge how self aware they are? Someone might think they are self aware, when in reality they are self obsessed and too attached to their ego. If I assume you are asking this question in relation to how aware are we of our "true" selves, if our true self is a soul or spirit that is inhabiting a mortal body for this lifetime, I would have to answer that I am not very aware. In fact, I question how people come to believe in what they think is the "truth" in such matters. How do they truly know? And how do they know that their truth is not simply their ego being creative? Maybe it is simply a deep feeling of "knowing" that something is the "truth". It is an interesting question, and I am interested to hear how people know they are self aware.

  • RedDog Nov 18, 2010

    I'm wondering if anyone has had or heard of the moment of conception incarnation memories?
    What they were like?

  • cameronjcw Nov 18, 2010

    I think Ive always been quite self aware. I can remember in my late teens/early twenties after I had my daughter I used to analyse everything I done, why I done it etc to the point where I almost drove myself mental. I used to wish that I didn't think like this because back then I was very self depricating. When I was a child growing up I had so many of what I would have called then bad or negative experience which when I look back was like a jolt into reality or at least the reality of being me in this life. Ive always been a failry happy go lucky person but some of these experiences made me very angry and unsure of myself for many years but I think that was all just part of growing up in this life and now I realize that I wouldn't be half the person I am now without these experiences.

    All of my life Ive had some experiences maybe a bit like my ephiphany a few weeks ago although more like on lower levels of consciousness but the last one has definitely been the biggest most life changing/attitude changing shift in consciousness Ive ever had but I don't think for a second it will be my last, there will be more to come, don't know when or where but these days and especially in the last couple of years I have learned to embrace these and realize they are crucial to my continued growth and I'm very grateful to have them.

    I agree with your last statement though of being in this world. I feel very much in this world and this experience of life no matter what it may be, if its a simulation, a holographic experience or anything else I cannot doubt that my experience of being in it is real but I definitely also do not think I am of this world or certainly not originate purely from earth whether I was born here or not, that like everything else is all part of the experience of "life" in this body!

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