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Lucid Dreaming

Posted Nov. 16, 2010 by Inquisitivegirl in Open

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commented on Dec. 15, 2010
by shoalin



I am looking for information concerning lucid dreaming, please feel free to share if you also are able to lucid dream. I have been able to have lucid dreams as far back as I can remember (around 3 or 4?). I began having lucid dreams once I realized that I could "escape" from nightmares.

I am wondering if lucid dreams can be useful in anyway, in the same way that remembering and examining your dreams can give you insight. If you are lucid or lucid and able to control your dreams, what can you learn?

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    shoalin Dec 15, 2010

    I have had many lucid dreams and can relate to alot of these stories. I too can fly but had to flap my arms as a child whilst learning. I remember gliding across the ground and being frustrated because i couldnt get higher than a meter or so. I can pull myself from nightmares but sometimes I have nightmare 'chains' where everytime I pull myself out another one starts and this can go on for some time and it can be quite a shock to the system. Of all the dreams Ive had there are two that were really out there and caused me to question whether or not I was dreaming or actually in an alternate dimension or something. One of them I had to walk from one end of the state I live in to another some 2200 kilometers and being as I have done this trip a few times in reality (in a car) the details and distance and time were scary accurate. I mean I slept for one night but I was walking for ages. It seriously felt like a week or so. The other was when I was learning to drive a manual transmission car. I had many troubles with the clutch as we do, and could never seem to get the takeoff right. Then one night I learned to do it in a lucid dream, the next day I was so confident in my abilities that I jumped into the car and away I went, no problems at all. Nowadays I cant seem to lucid dream as much, not quite sure why though.

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    steverogers Dec 14, 2010

    I fly around all the time in my ''dreams''. I thiught that everyone does that? I may be chased by ''baddies'' or gangsters and simplly outstretch my arms - and away. This has happened all of my life so I know that what I experience isn't just 'dreams'. They have developed as I have. I can even control where I'm going and with whom I will meet!!! Whenever I have a dream where I'm atop a spire on the highest building in the world I know that this is a DREAM and likewise control it to my wishes. Easy!

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    Annaburg Dec 08, 2010

    Some years ago I remembered to stop during a dream and feel water coming from a tap- it felt just like real life! Then I really looked at things. There were dust balls under furniture, scratches on a wooden table. Everything looks and feels real, but I know it is a dream.
    I have also gained "superpowers" over the years. I suppose to feel empowered and safer although I will still have scary dreams once in a while. I can fly most of the time. As a child, I had to flap my arms. Now I simply levitate. I breathe under water so there is never any fear of drowning, although it is more laborious. My strength is super-human. I have super fast self healing. I can sometimes grow to about 20 feet tall.
    But my very favorite power in dream land is the ability to heal others. At first it was only physically, but now it is psychologically and spiritually as well.
    I have even healed one or two sociopaths! Wow, sometimes I wonder why I don't sleep longer! I guess it would be too tiring!? It is a big responsibility being a super hero during the night. LOL!
    I have nine grandchildren now. I wonder if any of them will dream like their grandmother?

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    silvermoon Dec 01, 2010

    Hi, I am a new comer here, I will share you about my dreams, but I don't know if they are lucid dreams. Every month I get regular dream, I will have dream that I saw my own (sorry) blood on my underpants. Usually after 2 - 3 days I will get my monthly period after having that dream. Please feedback, thanks and regards

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    melissalouise Dec 01, 2010

    My last very lucid dream was bad where I was trying to escape from a bear, but when I couldn't outrun I laid down in an attempt to 'play dead' and as a result had to watch whilst the bear ate me alive. It was terrifying.
    I studied psychosocial studies and sociology at university with the idea of trying to find out where the human mind fits in with societys cultures rules, norms and societies and 10 years later am still none the wiser.
    It is slightly refreshing to realise that I am not alone in the turmoil that I create for myself in thinking about my purpose in life or where I fit into society from joining these discussion boards.

  • gangstaajoe Nov 29, 2010

    Well for me I have lucid dreams but in a sense I can also almost as easily have full sensory dreams (dreams where you hear, see, smell, taste and feel everything) and I almost always control the way dreams work out though when i was young that was not the case but times change and so do people.

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    jwalters Nov 25, 2010

    I fly. At first it was difficult to get off the ground. I'd run and flap and stuff like a Goonie bird, but once I learned not to fear diving off the cliff I now soar the night time skies almost at will. I love it. . . . . course on the ground I fight.

  • Jason K. Norris, PhD(c) Nov 24, 2010

    Hi, Lucid Dreams are a topic of debate, but they can serve as powerful altered states of consciousness. Lucid Dreaming can provide opportunities to experience the divine, communicate with the deceased, have out-of-body experiences, explore creativity, gain insight, and practice just about anything imaginable.

    I recommend exploring the discussion forums on the website of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD):

    A good friend and founder of www.dreamstudies.org also has some info on Lucid Dreaming though he specializes in Sleep Paralysis. His recent article on The Rise Lucid Dreaming:

    And also, What is Lucid Dreaming:

    Hope this helps!

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    etmoore108 Nov 23, 2010

    I tried for a while to have a lucid dream and finally had one that sucked. I was alone in a room with a man friend who was trying to get me to kiss him. This was not at all a man friend that I wanted to kiss and someone I surely did not want to hurt. I realized that I was in control and thought to myself -THIS? this is what i get in a lucid dream? After some awkward dodges I woke myself up and havent had a lucid dream since. I should really try again.

    Side note - I'm a med school student and studied neurophysiology this past summer. We learned about the vestibular system of the inner ear- it governs balance and tells you your position in space. The vestibular cortex of the brain is where you sense of being in your body comes from, and it has been measured to be disturbed in out of body experiences. I immediately thought of lucid dreams. When I had mine the one difference (other than being in control) was that I was inside my body, whereas with other dreams I'm usually outside my body watching me. Is this true for you also? I asked my professor if he knew of any studies done on this and he said no. But I thought it was interesting to consider.

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    Blydys Nov 16, 2010

    I am in the same boat as you! After having a series of nightmares at a young age i have been able to wake from them or explore them more and quicker than usual. nevertheless i believe you can learn more from letting dreams occer naturally, or if you find yourself in a completly aware state in a dream follow and chase what is most interesting to you. I'm interested in this topic and would like to hear about some of your dreams if that is ok.

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