Anyone Interested in Energy Perception ?

Posted May 11, 2014 by Hellseer in Open

commented on May 25, 2014
by Hellseer



I've been teaching what I would call energy perception for a while now and I'm wondering if there's a wider interest ? I see a lot of para psychology out there but not really much action or praxis from the academic side of things.

  • Hellseer May 25, 2014

    it's only practise based

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    dustproduction May 14, 2014

    This sounds like "intersubjectivity theory."

  • NoetPoet May 12, 2014

    Going by the definition you've provided, it doesn't sound like "energy perception" is an accurate or appropriate phrase.

  • Hellseer May 12, 2014

    Hi realityoverscience. I sometimes wonder a little about your first question question and never really come to any conclusion. The honest answer is i don't know how it would gel. Feel free to continue this tack as it may be of some use.

    The closest thing to a definition I have so far for an academic environment is this ...

    "What may make this of interest is that energy perception is not really developed as a solo activity, it requires deep seated interaction between individuals. With psychology there is a limitation to the extent one would want connection to a patient or client perhaps, the benefit of energy perception is that is simply about what humans are capable of. The biggest problem is often just working out the language and terminology or phraseology that makes sense to someone in their terms to introduce an idea. If the energy perception has a goal then maybe to take away an insularity and replace it with connection."

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    RealityOverScience May 12, 2014

    What would be your opening synopsis/foundation when addressing a crowd at a symposium, or a group of students at a university, that would get their attention and capture their interest?

    Please define how you personally define "energy perception?"

  • NoetPoet May 11, 2014

    Define "energy".

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