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The Other Side ... Mediums & Psychics Exposed (to Reveal Important Physics Involved)

Posted May 1, 2014 by RealityOverScience in Open

commented on May 25, 2014
by NoetPoet



This is a very important discussion I would like to bring to the boards here, because revealing what is REALLY going on behind situations in which folks are claiming to communicate with the "other side," preying on people's emotions, claiming to "talk to the dead," etc., has the potential to explain a lot of the very real Universal Physics (related to all else) that unconscious convention, and its convention-based scientists, so quickly dismiss, simply because they can't (and/or won't allow themselves to) process those physics, especially out of their comfort zones.

So many of the essential Answers the world of science and convention are searching for can be discovered not-so-hiding (ever Present) behind precisely those areas of everyday life deemed ridiculous, fantastical, or make-believe. These Answers have been realized for thousands upon thousands of years, but much of the modern world, including modern science, refuse to "go there."

Getting to those Answers requires directly approaching and addressing those curious-to-many but quickly-dismissed situations from a place of open mind, courage, selfless effort (egos and reputation worries left at the door), and slowed reaction time, such that what is presented is genuinely attempted to be ...heard... and carefully considered, from a place of *balance,* before being tossed off as nonsense.

As a result, please participate in this thread ONLY from your own personal processing / reasoning, with NO OUTSIDE ARTICLES OR REFERENCES. Think and feel for your own personal self, in other words. It takes a lot of courage to present yourself from that raw place of commitment, but that is where the REAL truth is to be found.

Also, please keep your responses relatively short (to a few paragraphs) so busy folks have time to participate, and so the conversation is not dominated only by folks who live on the boards. It would be wonderful to see others participating, as well. Everyone is welcome!

Please feel free to begin addressing what "mediums" and "psychics" are presenting as "real," and explain what those dynamics mean to YOU!

  • NoetPoet May 25, 2014


    What particularly interested me about that study was the EEG scans of subjects in each of those mental states. The "mediumship" state seems to be a combination of the recollection, fabrication and perception states, and shows particularly intense activity in the part of the brain that lights up in the "recollection" state. The frontal part of the brain is subdued in the mediumship state compared to the "average" state, as are the recollection, fabrication and perception states. This suggests that:

    1) A medium's "psychic" abilities are actually due to extensive cross-referencing and integration of memory, perceptual data and imagination activity.
    2) The medium's rational thinking must is subdued so that more resources can be devoted to the parts of the brain involved in recollection, perception and imagination.

    It would have been interesting to see an EEG of a "cold-reading" state. My guess is that it would look alot like the mediumship state except with more frontal brain activity (because the cold-reader makes a conscious effort to perform cold readings) and somewhat less activity in the perception, recollection and fabrication areas of the brain (because resources are being diverted to the frontal brain). In other words, it would become apparent that the only real difference between a cold-reader and a "genuine" medium is that the latter has a natural knack for doing something that the former has to deliberately practice at.

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    dustproduction May 23, 2014

    "Reliable (i.e. statistically significant) differences among the four conditions were found in all participants. These data suggest that the mediumship state is a subjective experience with brain correlates that are distinctly different from activities like recollection, perception, or fabrication. In other words, from this empirical foundation it appears that mediums are involved in a process that cannot be explained as imagination or some other form of known recall."


    But this study has real limitations in the findings:

    "The design of this study, while necessary for the collection of clean EEG data in quantities large enough for analysis, was not conducive to the testing of hypotheses about mediums' ability to gain accurate information about deceased persons. First, these research mediums are not used to responding to multiple specific questions; in standard research protocols (Beischel, 2007), four to six questions are asked by the experimenter and each answer is then divided into items for rating purposes. In the current protocol, we asked a total of 25 questions. The periods of silence and stillness after questions were asked that were required to limit artifacts in the EEG recordings may also have been disruptive to the mediumship process. "

  • Hellseer May 17, 2014

    the core of mediumship, that of the SNU in the UK is continuity. Many won't understand this even as an idea.

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    RealityOverScience May 06, 2014

    In Consciousness 101 thread, the Answers to what conventional "psychics" and "mediums" are doing, often with nothing more than a very rudimentary introductory clue to work with (if that much for many who think nothing of exploiting people for their own personal, selfish gain) are revealed.

    Instead of exploiting unconscious folks with their own physics they're unaware of, they need to be selflessly teaching people what's ...really... going on, with compassion and empathy, toward a more highly evolved world of tolerance, peace and an end to the horrors of life around the world, as well as at home, that result from imbalance and lack of awareness!

    Legitimate *realizers* have an inescapable RESPONSIBILITY to TEACH and guide and redirect un-realizers, because the applications to everything from modern science, medical science, emergency services (earthquakes, severe weather, human-initiated tragedies, etc) to politics and war are crucial toward positive *change.*

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    kroeran May 02, 2014

    In my view, mediumship, especially in the context of Spiritualism, is a great way to gather first hand PSI experience, for relatively little effort. There are Spiritualist churches and temples, events such as medium John Edward puts on, or there is the Vatican of Spiritualism, Lilydale, NY, the poor cousin of Chautauqua, just down the road.

    A significant personal experience with mediumship, can be the first step down the rabbit hole which is the Noetic paradigm.

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