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Posted Jan. 20, 2014 by frequencytuner in Open

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commented on May 27, 2014
by dustproduction



Where is Science taking society? Who has a smart phone? Who talks to their car? Who uses the Internet? Has anybody seen the movie 12 Monkeys? Think of how these technologies are slowly transforming our lives and what we are becoming - in an evolutionary perspective. Brains functioning inside test tubes is not fantasy. Custom DNA and the new GNA with nano technology, laboratory grown hybrid organs and body parts, memory uploads etc. Is this where we are going, or are we just realizing we are already there? This is an interesting topic to discuss.

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    dustproduction May 27, 2014

    (Heat? "hahah.")
    There is a topic open for discussion here. Some choice to pick at a word or phrase and ignore the rest.
    "Technically, a human invasion of an alien species is also an alien invasion, as from the viewpoint of the aliens, humans are the aliens. Such stories are much rarer than aliens attacking humans stories. Examples include the 1989 video game Phantasy Star II,[1] the 2007 film Battle for Terra, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, the Imperium of Man in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Invaders from Earth by Robert Silverberg, the 2009 movies Planet 51 and Avatar and the 2011 movie Mars Needs Moms.

    Let's try at least to stick to the topic.

  • NoetPoet May 25, 2014

    This much I can be sure of: artificial telekinesis and telepathy done through machines will become a reality long before the kind of telekinesis and telepathy that IONS seeks ever will...

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    Jim Centi May 25, 2014

    @ Dustproduction,

    This thread developed as a result of your initial comment that used the term “Alien Invasion”..

    What’s wrong Dusty, can’t take the heat?

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    dustproduction May 25, 2014


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    Jim Centi May 25, 2014

    I would like to address the concept of invasion a bit.

    I have read where Russia and China are switching to their currencies for trade purposes. Such a move undermines the status of United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

    Several months ago, in this forum, I asked a student of economics and psychology to confirm the staggering reports which address the result of our losing our status as the world’s reserve currency. There was no response.

    Recently, military officers in China were accused of hacking the computers of US companies in order to steal manufacturing secrets. Do you think it is beyond the realm of possibility that such hackers may have the ability to compromise our power grid?

    As RoS is fond of saying “Do the work”, or perhaps as others could say, wake up and smell the shit occurring on this planet.

    Do you think that there could be value in students of consciousness exploration and science to discuss ideas which may contribute to residents of this planet smelling roses rather than shit? This is certainly not a suggestion; it is simply an idea for the possibility of new topics.

    I have been diagnosed with advanced emphysema or COPD and doctors have provided me with an oxygen machine. When I’m not on oxygen, I manage to smoke a pack and a half of Marlboros a day. I have accepted that I don’t have much time left on this planet and am not motivated to prolong my stay; so I am pulling out all the stops and saying what thoughts cross my mind.

  • NoetPoet May 23, 2014

    And what about the USA's actions in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years? Would you call them invasions too?

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    Jim Centi May 23, 2014


    For the sake of brevity I stated only one example of invasion.

    I consider the attack on Pearl Harbor and the events of 9/11 to also be examples of invasion.

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    dustproduction May 23, 2014

    The singularity????
    I'm interested to hear if we are headed toward a singularity because of ET technology.

  • NoetPoet May 23, 2014

    "I consider the war in Vietnam, where many of the people killed were Buddhists seeking, and perhaps on their way to enlightenment....to be an invasion"

    Interesting Jim...it sounds like your saying that invasion is bad when it involves killing people who hold a certain set of beliefs. Such being the case, maybe you'd like to have a (non-alcoholic) beer with Osama Bin Laden sometime...

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    Jim Centi May 23, 2014

    The term "invasion" is something I have a problem with.

    I consider the war in Vietnam, where many of the people killed were Buddhists seeking, and perhaps on their way to enlightenment....to be an invasion.

  • NoetPoet May 22, 2014

    Well let's hope their courtship rituals aren't to similar to those of black widow spiders! j/k

    Seriously though, *what* aliens?? The only aliens are the ones dreamt up by your imagination. The sorts of encounters that people have with aliens in the modern era are exactly the same as the sort of encounters that people used to have with faeries and gods etc back in the old days. Most people no longer believe in such creatures, but the apparent compulsion of the human psyche to reach out to "others" still persists, so it latches on to another more plausible form of paranormal being. namely the (very anthropomorphic!) extraterrestrial.

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    Jim Centi May 22, 2014

    I do not see it as an invasion; to me it appears to be an attempt of courtship. Lighten up a bit!

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    dustproduction May 22, 2014

    It seems interesting to me that no one here is willing to discuss this topic.

    Is the "singularity" all part of the alien invasion?

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