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This seemed like a good place to ask this question. Does anyone have an ever growing number of synchronicities? Has anyone ever attempted to catalog them and compare? I would be interested in undertaking this venture one day if someone else would. I would imagine we would cataloge time and nature of occurence. Which draws me to another question.....Will the mere act of attempting to observe these synchronicities block the perception of them? I guess we will see.:) Let me know if your interested and we can setup a date and time to conduct the experiment.

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    pathfinder1113 May 12, 2012

    I have had lots of Synchronicities and still have them on a regular basis. They are quite extraordinary and also a little spooky, i would like to hear from someone who could shed some light upon my experiences. E=mc2 =Energy=mass x speed light sq. Energy and mass are interchangeable. All mass is empty without Energy. Peace. Pauli. paulhearn@hotmail.co.uk

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    JR1111 Nov 09, 2010

    A website intent on collecting stories of synchronicity:


  • MysticalSadhu Nov 03, 2010

    Synchronicities are factors of the fifth dimension perceived from the fourth. Each dimension, or realm, can be divided into, at least, three subsections. For example, the equator of a spinning sphere, or sphere-similar object, such as an oval shape, is tangential between the third and fourth dimension, while spinning on an axis is at or near the mid-range of the fourth dimension, with the dance of multiple such objects in the same presence [of mind] an even subtler realm.

    The tangency between the fourth and fifth dimensions, and the method of accessing, reclaiming conscious access to the fifth dimension is through rhythmic systolis anchored at and from a dimensionless point while the outer perimeter of this systolic motion reaches toward infinity. Exercising one's mind in this simple formula will generate rapport with all things, with a consequential symptom being greater awareness of synchronies and timelessness, the mind having become ever more inclusive of all things and all wheres.

    Maximizing such capabilities are also facilitated by controlling one's vitality, one's prana/ki/chi, through systematic containment, focus and flow -- increasing the perimeter of one's reach while both lengthening and deepening the waves of one's mind, one's vitality. In Tantra this is called pranayama, in Chinese yoga it is called chi kung or qigong. Such subtleties of mind as synchronicity, nonlocal presence and other faculties transcending time and space, characteristic of the fifth dimension, are made present within our conscious mind through such practices.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Oct 26, 2010

    I believe that synchronicities are messages. They are gifts from the Divine. They are wake up
    calls to remind us why we are here on Planet Earth Soul School. Every moment, every encounter,
    is a chance to grow in Spirit/consciousness and Love. The more that we open our channels to this
    awareness and are ever vigilant in our waking as well as our sleeping lives, the more they will happen.
    We will be given clues as to what work we are supposed to be doing to transcend our ego awareness
    and connecting to our higher selves, which in turn will help heal the fractures in the greater whole
    of Unity Consciousness. When the healed parts work together the whole will function flawlessly.
    One Love. One Light. Behind the veil are all of the answers........

  • Tdrulard Oct 26, 2010

    I like to reference back to universal flux. If the only true constant throughout the universe is change, then maybe energy is the byproduct of this change.

    Or...Maybe energy need not exist at all.

    I tend to think that human kind has been infected with language, laws, religion, philosiphies not of ones own design and that these "viruses" cloud ourselves from the true human experience. Everything we know that "is" could potentially only exist because of the foundations that others have previously laid out for us. We interact with our world with a strong belief system that governs our perceptions. If something seems unpalatable, say genuine levitation, our minds quickly reference all the ways it is imposible rather than all the ways it is possible. This keeps us grounded and i check......In reference to scientific laws always remember: It wasn't that long ago that people KNEW the earth was flat.

  • RedDog Oct 26, 2010

    What is energy, is a good question, one that I’ve struggled with for many years.
    Actually, I get lost in the physical aspects of energy and the exchange of it from
    one physical state to another and its various frequencies.
    If in this physical world the simple one inch formula of
    E=mc2 is correct,
    then if I’m trying to define what
    Energy is from the right side of the = sign, and I cannot see the truth.
    I see two kinds of energy, but the question really deals with this Universe and
    energy which exists in this space time contiuum. I don’t think it is possible to
    answer you question of What, until one grasps the Why.

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    Inquisitivegirl Oct 26, 2010

    I have found that the more you pay attention to synchronicities the more frequently they seem to happen (of course it could be you are simply more likely to notice them!). The more aware I am of my environment, and the more I pay attention to things that occur the more frequently these unexpected synchronicities seem to happen. At some point in my past it was becoming disconcerting so I actually stopped paying attention...I also stopped noticing (or they stopped happening) as a result.

  • cameronjcw Oct 25, 2010

    lol now that is one headf****r of a question lol

    Where does energy come from if it comes from anywhere! Something new for me to contemplate today!

    Although from the point of view that everything is really nothing then possibly could be the same as energy! :)

  • Tdrulard Oct 25, 2010

    Reddog, But what is energy? Does energy require energy to exist?

  • RedDog Oct 24, 2010

    You might being complicating what is at its core, very simple.
    If everything is energy at the core, then all these extensions
    of energy you see with your eyes are not separate from you.
    They are you.

  • cameronjcw Oct 22, 2010

    You are right RedDog I was freaked out by the spider thing at first but after a few weeks and now also my recent self revelations I'm willing to embrace them and in fact welcome more of the same. Its a view of the world not many people can access! I was just laying in the bath staring at the light on the ceiling and I could see shards of light coming from it as if it was made up of lines but light is not linear but I also seen it as a glow too depending on how I was looking at it, then I was able to see two lights like double vision but not overlapping they were like two separate sights.

    I was looking at my shadow too when I got out the bath and I noticed that around my shadow there was about an inch thick border around it all I also put my hand up to see the shadow from that and it was the same. I wonder if the energy our bodies emit can be seen as part of your shadow!? A bit like casting a shadow of your aura!?

  • RedDog Oct 22, 2010

    Elvidge's questions are great ones for breaking your thinking out of the first person perspective. As long as you
    are mentally stable enough to entertain such thoughts as questioning your reality.

    The spider story presents a great allegory about how our minds can pick up on information we are exposed to
    but cannot make sense of. They often appear as "glitches in the Matrix" or anomalies like spiders that are not
    physically here.

    Instead of closing your eyes and mind to these intrusions, you might just try the opposite, knowing that your
    minds eye is presenting something to you which is uncoded, in a coded way you may understand.

  • cameronjcw Oct 22, 2010

    Who knows, brings up a good point though. If we were living in some kind of eternal groundhog day of recurring events only maybe lasting a year, 10, years, a lifetime etc we might not know this has happened but it leads to seemingly familiar experiences, apparent synchronicities or deja vu type experiences... :o

  • Tdrulard Oct 22, 2010

    So far nothing but i pondered this a bit today in a meeting i didn't care to be in. Could it be we have a finite (possibly predetermined) number of experiences and therefore when we relate to some random event that it is a byproduct of something bigger?

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    Cool I will enjoy reading this!

    Weirdly the first statement/question is bang on!

    "Did you know that it is impossible to tell the difference between reality and an illusion"

    For me the answer is again depends on your perception of what reality is and what an illusion is!

    I had a hallucination about 6-7 weeks ago, at first I thought it was induced by pain medication but given my recent neurological states and experiences I think it was because of the neurological activity that I have experienced.

    I went for a nap (bit of a theme there, me with naps) and was just on the cusp of falling asleep and a very deep one at that and for some reason I woke up very suddenly and I seen a black tarantula crawling along the wall above me! I jumped up off the sofa where I had been lying (i sleep on the sofa so I don't dislocate joints as much) and stood and watched the tarantula crawl across the wall from right to left and then it started crawling down but it disappeared.

    It looked so real, so real to me it was real and when it crawled down the wall and started to disappear it could almost have been real and just crawled down a bit and then fell behind the sofa.

    It was so real to me I was sure it was real and remained partly convinced that it was real and partly convinced that it was a hallucination only!

    It shook me up for a few weeks and I slept in one of the bedrooms in a bed until I finally accepted that it was just a hallucination and went back to sleeping on the sofa. I slept with the light on for another week or so and then finally felt OK to sleep with it off again and accepted that if I did see it or anything like it again not to be afraid. Shortly after I was on the sofa going to sleep for the night and closed my eyes to go to sleep. I opened them about 5-10 minutes later and saw the tarantula again only more translucent. I closed and squeezed my eyes shut and opened them again a few times and each time I seen the spider over and over more and more translucent but just as big and moving as it had seemed before. I accepted it as a welcome view of an altered reality, my altered view of reality!

    I have had many visual disturbances before that and many more since although nothing so vivid but I can sort of control how I can alter my visual perception of reality now. So many possibilities and I like it, makes my human experience trippy and interesting and not so frightening anymore.

  • RedDog Oct 21, 2010

    Jim Elvidge has some interesting points along those lines:

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    I will be interested! I perceived that thought only from my current state lol

    I don't think attempting to observe synchronicities would block the perception of them but they will be non existent actions by the time we have observed them and stuck in a non existent perception of the past which doesn't exist!

    I think that signals time for me to go to bed lmao

  • Tdrulard Oct 21, 2010

    I spelled synchronicities wrong.......LOL!!!!!

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