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Here's the Evidence!

Posted Nov. 28, 2013 by dustproduction in Open

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commented on Dec. 5, 2014
by dustproduction



Find the research on this list: http://noetic.org/research/psi-research/
Choice one of the research paper and discuss it research methods and its findings.
Please refrain from making subjective comments about other's take on the research. This is simply a review of the research. Commenters can request clarification from a posting.

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    dustproduction Dec 05, 2014

    REPEAT, "I guess that no one reads the research"

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    dustproduction Jul 27, 2014

    Again I ask others to address IONS topics of this list.

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    dustproduction Jan 01, 2014

    Why is it the science bashers never bash IONS's scientific "deductive" reasoning?

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    dustproduction Dec 21, 2013

    There is one such discussion, ""The "Ganzfeld Experiment" that we might focus on.

    But I think I made my point; while IONS conducts research and has compiled a list of research performed by other, which was so frequently pointed to by certain commenters, few read the research, attempt to understand it, or discuss it.

  • frequencytuner Dec 17, 2013

    I reviewed a few of them, briefly. Honestly I must say there is too much information to process with minimal gains in true understanding. I know the brain is connected to other brains, near and far alike, and we can communicate in a 'telepathic' way - for example. Reading through the detailed technical data does not reinforce this fact for me. It is similar to explaining to a NASCAR driver how the fuel/oxygen ratio causes combustion and getting into the technical data of the internal combustion engine. Next we could go into the physics of the track and tire traction versus temperature and speed etc. to explain exactly how the vehicle distributes weight during cornering at high speed or on a wet asphalt etc..

    All of this is great to know, and for some, this kind of understanding carries a lot of weight. For others, like the NASCAR driver, it is about the feeling and direct experience. The evidence is required for those who feel a need and desire for substantial, tangible documented proof or schematic etc.. For others this type of 'proof' causes confusion at the least and does not contend with their personal direct experiences. A Yogi does not need to know exactly what is happening in his brain while he meditates. Even if you explained it to him, he would not understand because he does not know.

    My suggestion is to - yourself - pick a paper, sum it up and generate a thread to discuss what you find interesting, plus a reference to the actual paper itself for those who may want to inquire deeper into the technical aspect of it. You could generate a new thread every week and help this site gain a deeper appreciation for the technical aspect of the actual research being done.

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    dustproduction Dec 17, 2013

    It was my hope that this thread would be a past to discuss "the evidence" that gets pointed to so often.
    However, it appears that almost NO ONE reads the research here. So, let's ask a new question: Why does no one read the research here at IONS?

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    dustproduction Nov 30, 2013

    I guess that no one reads the research

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    dustproduction Nov 28, 2013

    edit: "Choice one of the research papers and discuss it's research methods and its findings."

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