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Consciousness Creating "Reality"

Posted Nov. 25, 2013 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Open

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commented on March 28, 2015
by Imagination



I think that information is indeed more fundamental or existing in a more inclusive and non-physical symmetry and ontological-epistemological realm that integrates discreetness and continuity. This information realm pre-exists to quantum physics and to continuous space-time physics. It also operates in a non-physical ontological and epistemological way with a "both-and" logic that includes all possible relations and even subsumes classical either-or logical forms. Consciousness recognizes information as meaningful. Also, according to Generalized Quantum Theory, macroscopic systems exhibiting "closure" (see Maturana & Varela) show complementarity of the part and whole aspects in a non-local way. These systems would be more properly called living "holons" and vehicles of consciousness. Information can have non-local effects and I think that consciousness (able to make meaningful decision about information) can exert choice or predispose (through the quantum of action) certain information flows and probabilities between different contexts.

I think that consciousness participates differentially across the physical and subtle manifestations of a composite reality split into three main expressions: The Physical, Subtle and Causal. Besides participating differentially it also participates relating through interpenetration and as each other other. However, the differential participation allows forms of INTERACTION among fundamentally different types of realities or "realms." To develop a physics that includes interdimensional phenomena we need to start from the basics of how the realms may interact and relate. In the ontological and epistemological Physical Realm consciousness coheres (probably within restructions imposed to each physical universe by a particular value of the quantum of action) possible future and past meaningful possibilities (or possible Subtle Realm events) materializing concrete space-time limited objects within a coherent system. In this way experiential freedom is lost or restricted under molar laws such as increased entropy.

Since most of the past is quantitatively known the causal connection formed in the Physical Realm is conscious, quantitative, concrete and connecting known events in a linear way. Since the future is not known, it is qualitatively perceived as a potential, mostly in a subconscious, emotional, intuitive manner. This is why in the Physical Realm exterior objects seem to be solid and real while interior, subjective aspects seem to be disconnected and non-causally relevant for exterior objects. Modern science has excessively focused on the pre-established patterns of the exterior coherent objects which for consciousness are deterministically connected to past events or to previously materialized possibilities of experience. Exteriors causally dominate or seem to causally dominate. The “either-or” logic of distinction dominates this realm.

For the most part "advanced waves" from the future remain hidden and retarded waves remain obvious. Now, in the ontological and epistemological Subtle Realm, consciousness simply connects possibilities in which past and future experiential possibilities mingle and cancel each other freeing objects from the restrictions of duration (time) or distance (space). The degree of separation and of illusion is less but it still manifests in that there remains a distinction between the subjective and objective aspects of reality, a distinction in which the subjective is equally affected by objects (experiential representations) as much as objects are affected by the subjective. Interiors and exteriors are or seem to be causally co-equal. The “both-and” relational logics represent this realm more aptly and also subsumes but transcends the classical logic.

In the ontological and epistemological Causal Realm, subjective interiors dominate exterior objective manifestations and no object can be demonstrated using classical or relational logics. The “neti-neti” or “neither-nor” logic of pure subjectivity represents this realm more aptly.

All thee logics as well as all three realms, their particular logics and their modus operandi ultimately blend with each other but consciousness (which transcends and includes them all) actualizes potentials according to how it is experiencing under the assumption or “mask” of each realm. In a non-dual way Consciousness makes possible the epistemological subjective and the ontological objective aspects of each realm; also the fundamental threefold division of The Truth, The Good and the Beautiful that metaphysically pre-exists to the fourfold division into quadrants: Subjective, Objective, Intersubjective and Interobjective; also the five-fold division of specific holons experienced under quadrants, lines, stages, states and types.

Holons in all three realms (and as expressions of their combinations) arise first as the dual distinction between self and other (is implying is not). This dual distinction gives rise to a third connecting element and the threefold division arises but for actual objects to arise in any of the three realms, the four quadratic expressions arise out of the combination of two implications derived from duality: Interior to what is, Exterior to what is, oneness or individuality implied in what is and twoness/otherness or plurality implied in what is not. Combining Interior and Individual gives rise to the Subjective experiential and ontological space; combining Interior and Plural gives rise to cultural or intersubjective experiential and ontological space; combining Exterior and Individual gives rise to Objective experiential and ontological space and combining Exterior and Plural gives rise to systemic or Interobjective ontological and epistemological space. All of these along with duality and the fundamental threefold division arise in non-dual Consciousness.

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    Imagination Mar 28, 2015

    Thoughts are things, thoughts become things.

    Ideas, over time, tend to manifest.

    Ideas, over time, tend to materialize.

    Blueprint for a new house vs Actual builtout house six months later with keys to the front door (aka everything is created twice).



    The Secret (2006) - film.

  • marshallbarnes Dec 02, 2013

    This is why people who actually do quantum physics hate this stuff. This piece is so filled with pablum and New Age buzz words it took me a while to isolate something that I could use as an example, but I did it -

    "For the most part "advanced waves" from the future remain hidden and retarded waves remain obvious."

    Since when could anyone *see* retarded waves. Mind you I know John G. Cramer and know about his transactional interpretation, which is where these terms come from.

    "Now, in the ontological and epistemological Subtle Realm, consciousness simply connects possibilities in which past and future experiential possibilities mingle and cancel each other freeing objects from the restrictions of duration (time) or distance (space)."

    Although it might be argued that consciousness "can" connect possibilities from the past and future, it is in no way required to do so and often, more times than not, has nothing to do with the process. The past and future waves do what is called a "handshake" and the ones with the highest probabilities for any one particular space and time are the ones that manifest there, however there is no freeing of anything from the restrictions of space and time.

    I could go on, but I see little point in doing so...

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