Learning Based on The Fua'ad(cardia),The Theory of the "Silent Man" An Attempt For a New Theory in Epistemology.

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This is a serious attempt for a clear and simple theory in Human Learning, and epistemology.
For the purposes of Discussions here, I'd like to refer to the following topics:
- The new innovative methods in notices and psychology,discussed on this site.
- What published in Nov 14,2013 by RealityOverScience:
Without going out of my door I can know all things on earth. Without looking out of my window I can know the ways of heaven.
- In the other hand ,some people believe in the concrete perception.(knowledge by senses).
- The Male-Female missing equilibrium(historically) in noetics to explain why we say " Man" and we mean the human species.
- Usage of some human features,such as language, as a tool in the scientific research.
- Let us remember the spherical shaped earth we know nowadays, the Earth ,the Center of the Universe In the past , before COPERNICUS. In a way similar to that we should have a point of view towards how we learn..So simple, and so easy.
The points of focusing are the following:
1- No learning without a sensory perception.
2- No learning without a feeling perception.
3- No knowledge without learning.
4- No science without knowledge.
abstract :
There are more than one billion and a half person all over the word believe that Qura'an has the complete validity and reliability required for any purpose of knowledge and science. And this huge number of population should not be ignored in researches of noetics,not only for Arabic and Qura'an , but for every source and language has these two terms(validity and reliability) .
As well as there are two considerable points:
1- The language of Qura'an is Arabic.
2- There is a famous notion among Arabic scholars that Arabic is the language learned to Adam by Allah,The God.( And He taught Adam all the names, then presented them to the angles;then He said :Tell me the names of those if you are right. They said Glory be to Thee!we have no knowledge but that which Thou hast taught us;surely Thou art the Knowing,the wise) surah 2,verse 31,32.
So by the study of Arabic Dictionaries , the researcher can find the real meaning of names of things, and by studying verses of Qura'an can extract some scientific facts.
In this study , the conclusion is:
Learning depend on three senses; two of them are hearing and sight, the third is feeling. Hearing and sight aren't correspond to the ears and eyes only, but to the heart too, the place of( Aql), and( Aql) has several names, all of them has the meaning of( quarantine) of what a person noticed or knew.The third is Fua'ad(cardia),which refers to warmness and heat, the place of AFFECT, and insight .
So by the integrated functions of these three senses man can learn, and befor he learns , he needs to silence.

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    dustproduction Nov 20, 2013

    Believe It or Not: Religious and Other Paranormal Beliefs in the United States
    Tom W. Rice
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

    Paranormal beliefs are often divided between those that are central to traditional Christian doctrine, such as the belief in heaven and hell, and those that are commonly associated with the supernatural or occult, such as the belief in ESP and psychic healing. This study employs data from a recent nationwide random sample general population survey to catalog the social correlates of paranormal beliefs and to examine the relationships between religious and other paranormal beliefs. The results indicate that standard social background factors do a poor job of accounting for who believes in paranormal phenomena and that the importance of specific background factors changes dramatically from phenomenon to phenomenon. The results also show that the correlations between belief in religious phenomena and other paranormal phenomena are largely insignificant. These findings call into question many prevailing theories about paranormal beliefs.


  • Drdawood2014 Nov 20, 2013

    من الؤسف ان لا يوجد من الباحثين والمهتمين بالابستمولوجيا الاسلامية من يضيف تعليقات على مثل هكذا موضوع حيوي,خاصة وهو يستند الى دلالة اللغة العربية والاستنباط من القرآن الكريم.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 18, 2013

    Sure you will, but I wanted to clarify the meaning and physics behind the quote of mine you used.

  • Drdawood2014 Nov 17, 2013

    I hope I'll find extra discussions concerning such topics from researchers interested in the Qura'anic subjects, as well persons who enjoy discussions in epistemology.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 17, 2013

    Be back when I have a chance to respond further, but I just wanted to clarify that the quote Dr mentions that I posted is from the 2500 year old "Tao Te Ching" (essentially, "The Way Things Work," famously referred to among realizers as "The Way." There are 81 pages, that the ancients called "poems," and the quote is famously known as "Tao 47."

    Taoism is the least of all projecting expressions of the True Universal Physics (Buddhism Consciously projects "just enough to teach it," - Dalai Lama.), and highly mathematical (as is the ever-current 3000 year old "I Ching," - Book of Changes).

    Tao 47
    Without going out of my door
    I can know all things on earth
    Without looking out of my window
    I can know the ways of heaven
    The farther one travels (projects, becomes distracted)
    The less one knows

    This is the (also famous among realizers):
    Palm facing yourself, within
    Palm facing away, without
    Back to yourself, within
    Back away from yourself, without...

    ...reality that everybody, everything, everywhere, "from Adam to Sub-atom" (quoting myself), is an EXACT physics copy of yourself, invertedly as well. This has been realized for-ever! So, when you are fluent in the realization of your own physics, you really CAN reflectively realize the actual physics of ANYTHING, anybody, anywhere, and this genuinely includes the most distant of the Cosmos, the most complex of biology (including medical science), quantum physics, and yes, the actual detailed detection of events to come (earthquakes, etc.).

    EVERYONE was born with this Truth/ability! No matter what color, no matter what culture, no matter what religion, no matter how poor or wealthy, no matter one's social status, etc...

    (See why Conscious, everyday folks like any other, Jesus, Buddha, etc., were trying to teach the severely oppressed, poor, over-taxed, searching folks of their day, the Universal Truth?! There is ...no greater empowerment than Awakening... to the reality that sentients (experiencing beings) are faaaar more than convention, and they themselves, allow(s) them to realize of themselves!)

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