Feelings origin: Which organ do produce feeings.

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I am trying to understand the role of feelings in the process of learning fom the view of the Holly Quraan. it is mentioned in several verses (may be 2), that hearng,sight,and cardia(fuaad) are responsible if someone acted to the contrary of what he knew. And Man should act according to the knowlege he aquired to thank Allah(God)for all fevers he did,and will do. Muslim scholars, an some scientists of Arabic said that (fuaad)cardia is the heart, and it expresses the heart warmth and heat. In Arab culturalheratage one can see by his heart too. Now, how can these three elements worke together to produce knowlegde. I want this idiea to participate in a new theory of epestimology.Please give feed back.

  • frequencytuner Nov 17, 2013

    To define a feeling should be the first task in this process. For example, flight or fight feelings, envy and lust feelings, happiness and joy, pride and pleasure, etc. all produce unique chemical reactions in the body. Chemical reactions are produced primarily by the endocrine system. This system, mated with the ancient chakra system will give a very clear indication on not just where feelings come from, also what their basic characteristics are. At the most basic level, feelings are energy. The type of energy can be understood like this: if a singer hums an "aah" sounds at a low pitch (C note) it may evoke and resonate a melancholic 'feeling'. The same "aah" hummed an octave higher with a B pitch may evoke and resonate a 'feeling' of freedom.

    The pitch and octave of music are a great example of how feelings can resonate with the bodily energy centers. Taking this one step further, by analyzing the electromagnetic spectrum and noting the pitch and octave harmonics that correspond specific colors with sound, one can integrate this into the chakra system and gain a very clear understanding of a great array of not only emotions and feelings, but also countless health conditions and their treatment.

    The heart, stomach and brain are interesting organs to highlight because almost every decision we make is done using a combination of these 3 centers. The brain is logic, the heart is intuition, and the stomach is instinct. When it comes to specific feelings, like anger or frustration for example, it implies there is excessive energy trapped in the liver and may manifest with blood problems, including increased blood pressure or an iron deficiency.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 06, 2013

    All life is multidimensional. Everything you could ever hope to know is present and available to you in any given Now!

    Problem is, convention has inadvertently trapped nearly everyone into such a tiny, limited few layers, or dimensions, that everything else is completely missed.

    But the heart already knows the truth, because its own physics require it, for it to function appropriately, and it becomes highly stressed when its need for balance is pushed and pulled in every direction but where it needs to most healthfully be.

    Hearing also involves multidimensionality, because not only is language (any language) likewise multidimensional (meaning the very same words or sentences can be heard in many more ways than conventional surface expectation), but when taken higher than conventional definition, can be realized as processing mathematical patterns in resonances, and so on (that "view page source" underlying physics I mentioned elsewhere).

    Seeing, as well, takes on multiple layers and dimensions. We don't really see with our eyes, but with our brain. I constantly actually visually *see* events before they manifest, such as an approaching earthquake and/or tsunami, including location, details, magnitude, etc., not at all from anything "psychic" but rather from my math brain detecting the physics of them on layers/dimensions that are very reachable to me, but not to convention because of its limitations. Because my detections originate from within, instead of without, that information flashes through my eyes from within, so I actually can see and watch them happening, exactly as others will see them when they reach manifestation, but months or more in advance.

    The amygdala and limbic system process mathematical imbalances. Feelings are like neverending sticky notes the Universe puts up with every choice you make, like a math teacher constantly telling you that you got something wrong on your math test. Like I have previously posted, if the Universe persists on 9 as its balance, as an example, and you behave/choose 6, that sticky note is going to say 3! If you go 5, it will say 4, and so on... Before long, your entire environment looks like a photo you've taken of all the mistakes you've made, and you have to live in those messes you have made. The only way out of that tangled mess of haunting sticky notes from the Universe itself is...balance! Feelings, in other words, are your own original truth of existence following you everywhere you go, like a bossy butler, :) , trying to correct you! But it is torn between the "two truths" of your dream for yourself (movement "away from" the Core), and the inescapable reality of reflection (movement "toward" the Core).

  • Drdawood2014 Nov 06, 2013

    Thank you RealityOverScience.
    The amygdala,and limbic system may refer to a suitable thing.In deed , there is a deficiency in my cognition of anatomy and physiology of human body.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 06, 2013

    Check out the amygdala, limbic system!

    (Brain!) :)

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    Jim Centi Nov 05, 2013

    Thank you bestearth for sharing the Gregg Braden video.

  • bestearth Nov 05, 2013

    Hi, maybe these videos by Gregg Braden may put light on these questions about the feelings and the body and the field.

    The Divine Matrix Conference


  • Drdawood2014 Nov 04, 2013

    bestearth & others
    I'm respondig to this statement " Information comes in through the top of the head in a circulating toroidal field and out at the bottom. The information coming in from the environment causes an adaption response in the cells" If ascientific source can be provided.

  • Drdawood2014 Nov 04, 2013

    Jim Centi
    I want you infored,English isn't my native.So I'm struggling a little bit when I wirte,and struggling more when I speak. Actualy I seek precise expression ,because that helps others imagin and think better. We all need that to be real, and get colse to the truth,not to be pure pragmatic,but make use of it's methods.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 04, 2013

    All of them.

    Feelings are the Universe (and its mathematics, etc.) trying to redirect you, while you are trying to choose for yourself. :)

  • bestearth Nov 03, 2013

    The heart organ seems to be more than a blood pump. It is a transmitter for the field. Information comes in through the top of the head in a circulating toroidal field and out at the bottom. The information coming in from the environment causes an adaption response in the cells. The brain appears to be the main antenna though every cell is also an antenna of sorts. There is evidence that suggests the DNA strands are little aerials besides housing bluprints for building proteins for the body.

    I think that feelings may originate in the mind or soul field of a person and the body amplifies them into physical sensations.

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    Jim Centi Nov 03, 2013

    drqusayelemhana and Drdawood2014

    I must admit to a deficiency in my cognition of language. My only language is English and I often have difficulty understanding those who speak only English and difficulties having them understand me.

    For example, the words love, God, Heaven and self often mean different things to those whose primary language is English.

    Although I intuit that your comments convey truth and kindness, I must ask for your forgiveness because of my deficiency in sufficient comprehension.

    Perhaps overly idealistic, but my hope is that someday all people of this world will understand precisely what they are saying to each other, if not through language; some form of intuition or telepathy.

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    drqusayelemhana Nov 02, 2013

    Thats rigth,,infact there me be a relationship between alfoad(something related to the heart or chest) and the other senses in the body,,
    The Holly Quran shows this in more than one )
    From this there me a relationship between alfoad thespeak or talk for examples: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم , ولا تقف ماليس لك به علم ان السمع والبصر والفؤاد كل اؤلائك كان عنه مسؤولا
    وفي ايه اخرى (واصبح فؤاد ام موسى فارغا ان كادت لتبدي به لولا. ان ربطنا على قلبها)

  • Drdawood2014 Nov 02, 2013

    Concerning the new theory of epistemology(un published yet) ,I can say it depends upon several facts extracted from Holy Quran.among them:
    -"And Allah has brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers--you did not know any thing--and He gave you hearing and sight and hearts that you may give thanks"
    So thanks for comment Jim Centi. And you can notice that all kinds of knowledge and science are denied befor birth.In addition, anew definition for (fuaad) the cardia, is proposed, it is not the heart as you can see in the translation of the vers above. The function of (fuaad) may play a crucial role in the process of learning.

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    Jim Centi Nov 02, 2013


    I am not familiar with the Holy Quran and am responding your last sentence which makes reference to a new theory of epistemology.

    In the topic PURE AWARENESS, the following link is provided:


    In this link, Michael Tellinger builds a strong case for human epistemology.

    In the same topic, the following link is provided:


    In this link many lectures are provided by Ram Dass who was schooled in the spiritual teachings of India.

    In some of his lectures, Ram Dass makes reference to the heart as being the organ associated with the soul.

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